William and Kate: small lies to children... for good


Published on Apr 20, 2020


The duke and duchess of Cambridge tell the story of how they are dealing with the quarantine

In an extensive interview with the BBC about the pandemic coronavirus, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have described the lockdown as “frustrating” for many people. They also talked about how it changed their life, how they spend their days, and the positive aspects of this really unusual and special.

In the interview they spoke especially of their children. The couple told how you are adapting with their children at home. Prince George, six years, and the princess Charlotte, four, usually attend the school for the whole week, but are now home at Kensington Palace with mom, dad and younger brother Louis, who turns two years old next week. “Children have such energy. I don't know how to do,” says Kate, adding that he looked for tips online for fun activities to do around the house to entertain them.

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They also expressed an opinion on Homeschooling, lessons online: “In reality we have not told the kids that we continued to let them study during the Easter holidays. I feel really guilty for having lied to you,” says Kate. She and her husband speak of their difficulties in explaining to children the difficult situation. “You can't ignore it. And also don't want to scare them and make it too dramatic,” he says. “I think it is appropriate to tell the story in.. the appropriate way with respect to the age of the child, to try to help them and subdued condition, because these are not normal circumstances.”, concludes Kate.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke with the BBC about why #EveryMindMatters, as well as the extraordinary job the NHS and frontline workers are doing. Visit the link in our bio to access resources and more information to help while staying at home

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Prince William says that the royals are getting used to talk via video calls, even if they initially had some difficulty with the technology. “It gets a little tiring with a child of two years where you have to take away the phone,” says Kate. William adds: “he always Wants to press the red button”. Kate laughs and adds: “But it is fantastic and it is nice to stay in contact with everyone.”

Another theme dealt with was the sport at home. William jokes that running after the children have kept busy in a thousand activities, it is difficult, in fact, have not done as much exercise as they wanted. “We took a long walk, even a bike ride. Then we keep the children engaged, active and in good health,” says William.

Princess Charlotte, prince Louis and prince George took part in the NHS Clap for Carers on the 23rd of march. The Duke and Duchess say that the lockdown has given them time to focus on relationships with friends and family. William says: “I Hope that the vast majority of people can reap many positive aspects from this period and realize that... we will not have again all this time”.

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