William and Kate: a marriage, long delayed, here's why...


Published on May 03, 2020


Kate and William news: Kate met William at university, but years went by before he decides to marry her. When the couple finally announced their engagement in November 2010, Prince Charles has joked with irony the british: “You have trained long enough”.

The family of the Prince William seemed convinced that Kate was the only one worthy to join the Royal Family, but despite the endorsement of the family of the Duke of Cambridge has waited for passed ten long years before exchanging the wedding rings to Westminster Abbey.

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They were good friends in College and lived together before their love story sbocciasse, so many of us were hoping that William will decide to ask for the hand of Kate. In his book, The Making of a Royal Romance, the expert real Katie Tarrant says that William swore that he would never contract a marriage before he was ready and willing.

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It is thought that this is due to the ill-fated relationship of his parents, but he never repeated the same mistake: “he Was aware that his father had been forced to marry Diana because it was considered the bride suits. He was reluctant to bow to pressures similar and he has promised that he would never have in a hurry to get married.”

According to the International Business Times, he would have said, to the times: “Look, I have only 22 years to the love of God. I'm too young to marry at my age. I don't want to get married until I am at least 28 or maybe 30 years.” When William decided that the time was right, he planned a proposal very romantic .

In October 2010, a month before the official announcement, brought Kate in Kenya and traveled to the country before heading to Lake Rutundu. According to the expert the real Katie Tarrant, has rented a lodge for their stay, and the couple spent the day fishing. When they returned home, William took Kate on the veranda, he knelt and made the romantic proposal of marriage.

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