Will the fresh proposal of the Brewers of the Count

Published on Aug 04, 2018

The world of craft beers is rich and fascinating. Overwhelming. We've said it and repeat it with conviction.

So much so that often the step between the drink and the beer is short, very short, the space of a chat too between trusted friends, and fans. It is that extra step, convinced and full of passion, that have made Mariano Pacileo, Andrea Rosato, Enzo Cameli and Vincenzo Chirichella. In other words, the Brewers of the Count, four neapolitan friends that have made beer in the house for more than ten years and have chosen to take the leap towards a production that was not only a housewife but aimed at the general public of the lovers of beer, the italians (for now).

How many realities that begin the journey in the world brassicolo, the Brewers of the Count does not still have its own structure, leaning at the facilities of other breweries. Specifically, Mariano Pacileo and companions, are directed towards the province of Teramo, to the headquarters of one of the reference points of the Italian with regards to craft beer, the Opperbacco from 4punto7 to the Overdose, going for the 10 and Praise, we have at times appreciated. There they gave life to their first production, the American IPA Zoccolà, and the recent and equally interesting Will, a Hoppy Saison that we can not define tasty.

What is striking in the young production of the Brewers of the Count is the style: defined, precise and refined since the very beginning of their activity. You note the study that there is behind, which supports and accompanies the real product, the one beer that we can drink with pleasure. There is elegance in the style of the graph minimal and cared for, in the logo of the microbrewery as well as in the labels, but there is also a strong dose of (self -) irony in the setting of the entire communication, starting of course from the names of the first two beers produced on a regular basis and mentioned above, the Zoccolà, and Pass on, differentiated graphically from the choice of two different colors, respectively, a beautiful bordeaux-load and yellow. An irony that we find, for example, also on the website, where the Brewer recommends to drink Zoccolà with irresponsible euphoria... sorseggiala, assaporala and especially love her”.

After the interesting American IPA, evolved of cooked, cooked until you have found its perfect form and, ultimately, the choice for the new production has fallen on a Hoppy Saison, and transformed with the same thrust ironic in a Poppy Saison.

If the hops that characterized the Zoccolà were Crystal, Amarillo and Columbus, Will be enriched by East Kent Goldings and products to new zealanders as Wai-Iti and Motueka. Hops that go in to customize the taste of the base that is the basis of a saison and very well done: fresh, carbon-backed paper at the right point, with the hints of spice that you would expect to find, data from yeast saison, the load color and its correct 6.5% alcohol content.

The attack mainly relies on the notes of citrus and tropical dates from the hops from new zealand, that contribute to make well-balanced a drink, but fresh and pleasant, that evolves and gives way to hints of cloves and bitter orange typical of the style. The Brewers of the Count recommended to drink it in a tulip shaped goblet great, but being without we listened to a classic pint that has not affected the taste of the Pass, which proved to be a saison that is perfectly balanced between grip style and originality.

A drink perfect for this summer, but with enough personality to stay in time and accompany us for a long time. In anticipation of the new productions of the Brewers of the Count!

Photo Credit: Erika Sciamanna


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