Wilder, the new label indy comic book is between us (or almost)...


Published on Oct 24, 2016


Will come in January 2017, the new independent label of Italian comics. His name will be Wilder, and this is what awaits us...

A new independent label, you are to look out on the panorama of Italian comics. It's called Wilder and, starting in January 2017, will propose every week a series of webcomics, 20 pages (new and free), made by well-known artists in the industry.

These will be the proposals that will be served as an appetizer:

Australia, crime fiction, post-apocalyptic Leonardo Favia (The Seventh Splendour) and Simone Di Meo (Doctor Strange, Doctor Who);

Elliot, action-cut superhero by Jacopo Paliaga (Aqualung, and How When we Were Little) with Ludovica Ceregatti (Aqualung, Almost-Super) and Adele Matera;

Black Rock, western, supernatural, Dario Sicchio (Kingsport, Walter Says) and Jacopo Vanni(Madhad, Power Marshall);

The heart of the city, urban adventure from the tone of the surreal, to Francesco Savino (Live & Vegeta) and Giulio Rincione (Ducks, Paranoiae).

The project was born from the minds of Leonardo Favia (The Seventh Splendour), Jacopo Paliaga, and the French Charlemagne (the authors of the Aqualung and How when we were little).

To us, the Wilder the comic like crazy. For this reason, we have decided to do something crazy: give life to a label that, every week, to offer to the readers episodes of 20 pages of the comic book series unpublished, free and colors. All created by those who, in the world of comics there is working and wants to propose stories from the cutting pop, dynamic and of high quality.

Waiting for the launch of you can follow the project on the newborn page Facebook of Wilder

What do you think? You will follow the published work on Wilder? Please let us know via a comment below!

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