Wilder: all new series starting in January 2018


Published on Dec 06, 2017


Closes a 2017 rich of satisfactions Wilder – the independent label founded by Jacopo Paliaga, and the French Charlemagne – announcing the launch of 4 new series for the early months of 2018.

It starts with a ONE HIT WONDER. An action series created by Francesco Mortarino and Andrea Gagna, with texts by Andrea Gagna, the drawings of Francesco Mortarino (with Alessio Fioriniello) and the colors of Daniel Nereo Ienuso.

The earth is under siege! The disgusting alien tentacles wants to subjugate the human race! Only three brave heroes dare to challenge the Admiral and his dark army! Three heroes, fearless, brave, daring and totally crazy!! Ooh, too strong!

The first season, consisting of 6 chapters, come on Wilder, starting from February 6.

KERSOS is a series of one-shot set in Ancient Greece, all belonging to the same narrative universe. The series is created by Michael Monteleone (texts) and Simone Pace (drawings).

In Greece, the gods are gone, the prayers of the faithful are no longer accepted and, together with the inhabitants of Olympus were also the heroes. Humanity, devoid of the protection of their champions, is at the mercy of the creatures that are left behind the gods before the eclipse forever. Those monsters, product of the ingenuity of the olympians, have become the lords of Greece, and, with their fangs, their claws, their powers, they hunt men, sink ships, and destroy entire cities. In this atmosphere by the end of the world, between the apocalypse and the humanity, stands a man: Kersos is his name, but that really is a savior or that pursue their own agenda, still don't know.

The first chapter will arrive on the Wilder starting from the 23rd of January.

DHARMA is a supernatural thriller, but it is also the first cross media project of Wilder, born from the collaboration with the young production company in turin Grey Ladder Productions, starting from the concept to the serial of Alessandro Regaldo, developed by Jacopo Paliaga (history) and Laura William (drawings).

Mythology to the base of the story is articulated in multiple formats, and through an expansion of cross-media that provides for the production of the first spin-off project in the early months of 2018: the DHARMA BUMS, a short film that will be realized thanks to the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte and will see the participation, as main actors, Taiyo Yamanouchi (The life aquatic of Steve Did) and Hal Yamanouchi (The Wolverine).

Can a man die twice?
This is the question which will have to answer for Diana, a private investigator with the ability to cross the threshold that separates our world from the Dead World. When you will be at the centre of a plot by multidimensional, Diana will be forced to choose whether to sacrifice herself to protect something in which he stopped having faith: life.

The mini-series, composed of 4 chapters, will arrive on the Wilder starting from the 27th of February.

Finally, it will begin on January 8, the storyline in the third season finale of Aqualung, the flagship series of the label.

AQUALUNG: THE BISHOP's WAR is the first big event of the Aqualung, the mystery submarine created by Jacopo Paliaga, and the French Charlemagne, as well as the last act of the third season.

The war against Fred Bishop has begun.
Holly, Philip King, Isabel, Rust, and Sam will be engaged in a race against time to save the life of Beth, while all the secrets kept by the Organization R. A. I. N. will be revealed.
The action and twists in the explosive finale of Aqualung 3, an arc, a narrative event that will close a good part of the plots begin in 2015 and that will leave an indelible mark on the lives of all the protagonists.

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