Wild Lucarelli humiliates Diletta Leotta: “Begin to clean your...

Published on Sep 19, 2018

Diletta Leotta with Miss Italy 2018 has drawn him the ire of Selvaggia Lucarelli. With a tweet to poison the oath of Dancing with the stars he said four

Wild Lucarelli is known for his exploits. The beautiful judge on Dancing with the stars has shot to zero in on Diletta Leotta's already hard beating for the failure of Miss Italy.

The “day after” Miss Italia 2018 is characterized by the attack of Wild Lucarelli to Diletta Leotta. The affidavit of Dancing with the stars is not liked at all the way the Artist has conducted the contest.

The presenter, in fact, he explained with words is not shared by all the reason for Miss Italy yesterday there was the parade in a bikini in the beauty pageant, unlike Miss America, said:

"Women should be respected always."

The Lucarelli, commenting on his statements in TV, goes on the attack with a tweet to the poison, typical of his way of doing things. It is not new to this type of attack to the columnist:

"Diletta Leotta. You might begin by cleaning up your wall, Instagram, and ask in respect there of men, instead of deleting only the messages of those who say that you are done. So to say"

Leotta, for his part, explained that the choice of Miss Italy, to keep the parade in a bikini was not dictated by:

"lack of courage, or even worse, a concession to male chauvinism"

Then, he added:

"I want to tell you that obviously don't think so, because if not you would make the valid that a hateful theory according to which if a woman wears a dress a bit low cut or a short skirt so if its going to try".

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