Wikonsumer the first online guide of foods

Published on May 02, 2018

Was born a sort of Wikipedia of food, it is called Wikonsumer the first online guide about the food, that was established with the purpose of guiding consumers to choose in a conscious way.

The idea was born in Puglia by two engineers, husband and wife, and a food technologist, the project has taken on new life in 2015 at the time of the Expo, along with three a group of nutritionists, researchers, technologists and consumers that are part of the community of Wikimedia, through a management system with innovative content they produce guides and rankings of products on the market.

All those who contribute are external and independent, the choices are shared and discussed with the community, this aspect represents an element of guarantee for the consumers, the work done becomes the patrimony of the community as it released with an open license.

At the moment there are seven categories analyzed: flour, olive oil, beer, almond milk, soy milk, vegetable oil and almonds, on these foods, consumers can find answers to his doubts and questions, for example, the difference between the butter and the vegetable oil, the soy is a GMO? what are the ancient grain flours? margarine is good for you or bad for you?

Consumers can ask questions, interact, propose new products to be analyzed, the intent is to expand the range of products classified, the next should be the wine, pasta, legumes, tea, coffee and water.

On Wikonsumer products are are classified through an algorithm that is able to enhance the most interesting features for consumers and those that indicate the excellence, the staff and the auditors are dealing with verify all of the information from the point of view of reliability and scientific.

It is a work in progress and of evolution, given the amount of information and analysis to test and then classify.


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