Why Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have split?


Published on Aug 12, 2019


The queen of Disney is enjoying the holidays in Italy with...

The actress and singer Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth have separated less than a year from their marriage; the two were a couple for about ten years and were married in December. Both in continuous evolution and change, both as a couple and as individuals, have decided that separating is the best thing.

Focus on yourself and on your career. Will both devoted parents for all their animals, while you take this time of separation. This, at least, says the official statement released to let the world know of the event. The wedding, which took place only 8 months ago, (on December 23), had surprised everyone, but never as the news, that today, it bounced a little bit everywhere.

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Some doubt, lately, had crept in among fans: in recent times, in fact, in the shots posted to Instagram by Miley, who has lived through a winter and a spring full of work and the creation of new music, the handsome hubby there was no trace, as well as of the faith, “disappeared” from the hands of the singer. Usually, the two devoted themselves to the sweet words on the social, but from a little bit of time it was not so.

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That the cause of the separation is a third person? To this end, they have made you think the photos posted on Instagram by the pop star, who is in Italy for a holiday together with the blogger Kaitlynn Carter, who, in turn, only a week ago announced her separation from her husband, the model Brody Jenner. In the shots, Cyrus and Carter seem to enjoy their holidays under the Italian sun even without the ex-husbands.



rock the boat, don t rock the boat baby ⚓️

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