Why blue is the new black in the male wardrobe

Published on Apr 20, 2016

It's less “stiff” than the black, but at the same time, the blue gives the wearer a refined elegance and neat. For some time is back in vogue in the male wardrobe for spring/summer 2016 brings version total look, by combining the many variations of the color beloved and revered by the Egyptians, because it is considered the color Of the gods. It is said that blue is the color of mental energy, peacefulness and tolerance, and that those who love to wear it to have a strong depth of feelings. On the catwalk the have honored the great names of fashion: Giorgio Armani , who designed a wardrobe in the perfect balance between deep blue, blue, dusty, cerulean blue, Berluti , which he has dressed business men, passing for Corneliani , which has privileged a klein blue to complete from the soft cutting action, brought ton-sur-ton in which the only note of colour is given from the accessory, in this case the scarf.

The blue love it because it is understated, never exaggerated, conveys class and elegance, in spite of what it has long been thought, when the blue was despised because associated with barbarian peoples. For some time it is not so black and was a master, species, special occasions, red carpet, today it is supplanted in favor of the blue. What happened is not known, a simple revenge or simply the desire to change, who knows, maybe one day you will return to the black. In the meantime, godiamocela this summer in blue, with the approval of the Egyptians & Co and let's dress of blue, from morning to evening, in solid colour or with prints, for when we put a tie or when we use our backpack for when we want to put a shirt white or blue, even if we want to combine it with the black.


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