WhatsApp: in the phase of rollout function Stickers and the search for the GIF category


Published on Oct 24, 2018


Today, WhatsApp has started to roll out to all iOS and Android users of the function Adhesive, with 12 packages pre-installed.

These packages include stickers and static, but in the future it will be possible to get stickers of animated, many of which will be added in the remote.

To send stickers, you have to touch the button Stickers, which is on the chat bar and it will open a sort of store, where you can choose which packages of stickers download. All packages of stickers of course are free!
When we receive a sticker, we can open it quickly to see the Package in which it is contained, just as is the case on the Telegram for years.

WhatsApp has added a very important function: the category of the adhesive.
Thanks to which you can quickly search for a sticker of a specific category.

From the official store of WhatsApp, it is possible to manage our packages and choose which to install or delete from the application.

To manage all of the stickers sent and received in a specific chat room, we can see the Usage section of the storage space.

Stickers Are Grouped

Gi adhesives may also be grouped together to “save space” display in the chat screen. Similar to the function Album.

iOS has a new option to search GIF that allows you to search for and send GIFS directly in the chat.

This new function, as shown in the screenshot, it supports the category GIF, so we can quickly choose a GIF based on a specific category.
This function is immediately available for iOS and soon will be enabled on Android.
When the function Adhesives was enabled, it was necessary to open the camera Roll to search for the GIF.

These new features are in the phase of roll-out today for all iOS users.

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