What you're looking for Raz Degan in Rome?


Published on Jun 29, 2017


What you're looking for Raz Degan in Rome? The island of the famous, the cinema, and then his spirituality with interludes of ironic. Here is that during the summer of 2017 Raz Degan has started to look for something ...

A mask on the face, a swimming pool behind and a lot of sun. The heat has given to the head also to Raz? No, do not say nonsense! Raz Degan remains a myth, and always will be!

The photos on his instagram is a joke of the spirit of a summer that began with the scorching hot weather in Italy. And then: cos auction looking for Raz to Rome? Nothing less than that of the lobsters in the pool...And we can stay in it years before find one!

Looking for #lobster in #Rome, Searching for #Lobsters in #Rome. #island #Alex #blonde #TheLastShaman

A post shared by Raz Degan (@raz_degan) date: 9 May 2017 to the hours 04:45 PDT


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