What is the No White Diet and how it works


Published on May 11, 2020


In these two months of forced quarantine, no gyms, no physical activity, and motor, but with so much good food cooked in the house, it was impossible not to take a few extra pounds. And in view of what will be a summer very different from those to which we were accustomed in the past, the swimsuit becomes more and more difficult. Definitely hearken less to the weight, the physical form. But health is important, as well as keep fit and not overdo it, in spite of all the bad that is going on. These days is all the rage, a new fingers. And’ the No White Diet, diet without white foods”, translated into Italian. What is it and what is this diet? It is a diet that eliminates foods of this color, to lose weight and cleanse the body, thus making good for the organism. What comes to mind when you think of something white? The mozzarella, the flour, the yogurt, for example.

Let's see in detail how it works this no white diet and what it consists of.

As you may have guessed, this diet, or this diet provides for the exclusion from the diet of everything that you are made with refined flours. You have to replace the white foods-refined whole grains, with a base of healthy whole grain flours and non-processed at the industrial level. The no white diet, according to the opinion of many experts, is one of the few that has no contraindications because it continues to eat everything, but you do it in the right way. Also, since you're going to eat many whole foods, you will notice that it will change considerably the efficiency of the intestine ; this, precisely, thanks to the increase in the intake of fiber-rich foods that optimize the intestinal microbiota.

Then we can eat wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, for example. Also for what concerns the rice you delete the classic one while you prefer the brown rice. Let us not forget that according to many studies, eating brown rice can reach before satiety and therefore eat less.

As you can imagine absolutely forbidden to the sugar. It is also recommended in this diet, try to do less sugar in general, including honey and sugar cane, although not food white. Instead of sugar we can eat the fruit.

Another ingredient in white is the salt. No salt for the no white diet, as it is easily deductible! Instead of salt, as counsel often dietitians, we can replace herbs. Another food to eliminate white potatoes.

And clearly no milk: via the butter, cheese and everything that is produced from animal products (milk) and meat.

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