What is the movement of sardines and what would you ask ?


Published on Nov 20, 2019


What is the movement of the sardines? This is asking a lot of italians enjoying talking to different days. The “sardines” are you arrive in piazza Maggiore in Bologna on the 14th of November, and were thousands of people. Have decided to keep the head of the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, who in that day was presenting the candidate Lucia Bergonzoni for the presidency of the Region of Emilia-Romagna at the Paladozza. Salvini wants to conquer an area historically left but to put a spoke in the wheels, it was exactly this movement of the sardines, so that it is made known. We discover how it was born, who are the founders and what is the goal.

Behind the idea of the movement of the sardines, there is the 32-year-old Mattia Santori, instructor of fresbee and a degree in Political Science. With his friends and ex-roommates, well-known when they did the university, started the idea of this movement. Therefore, in the day when the League was in Bologna, to present the candidate to the presidency of the Region, they thought it a good idea to get off in the square part of Bologna to the contrary to the League.

Therefore, together with Matthias, there are the 30-year-old Giulia Trappoloni, to the profession physiotherapist, the 31-year-old Roberto Morotti, engineer in charge of recycling, the 30-year-old Andrea Garreffa, tourist guide. The Rest of the Carlino Mattia said he had this idea because you can't sleep.

But because they are presented in the square in Bologna? Apparently they wanted to challenge Salvini. The Paladozza has a maximum capacity of 6 thousand people. And so they, in a very short time, they organized a demonstration with the aim of overcoming, of even one person, that number of places. The flash mob that speaks to the whole of Italy was organized mainly through Facebook, thanks to the group “6.000 sardines against Salvini“. People arrive in the square, even through flyers, word-of-mouth and telephone, have been many more than double that, about 15 thousand.

The name of the movement is closely linked to its intent. The purpose was to be so many as to be in tight as sardines. Consequently, also the symbol of this protest, which is a fish, silent. This is opposed to those that scream in the course of the elections.

Yet those who seek to manipulate the movement of the sardines. From the right start attacks and insinuations about the involvement of the left in this enterprise reached practically by the people, without flags, and without a political connotation. And so the guys from the creators of the initiative are forced to defend themselves by speaking of a “machine mud” turned on to them by someone who knows very well that, having started from the bottom, are vulnerable.

Therefore, the movement of the sardines is nothing more than a peaceful protest even in the face of the populism rampant. The tone is often exaggerated in the League, and other political figures are opposed to a totally different way to be heard.

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