What is the most expensive where to buy the iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max?


Published on Sep 14, 2018


Italy. Exact. you guessed it. Once again, Italy proves to be the most expensive country among those where it is already possible to buy an iPhone XS iPhone XS Max..

As reported by The Verge, our country has the record of highest cost to purchase the new iPhone with a base price of 1189€ for the iPhone XS and 1289€ for the iPhone XS Max 64 GB.

The iPhone XS Max is the smartphone the most expensive in the United States and, of course, in many other countries, with its 1.099$ (in the USA) for the version 64GB. Translated into euros, would be 938€ (plus taxes, not mentioned in the USA price) that should be more than good for a new iPhone just presented.

But in Italy the price is decidedly higher:

Doing the conversion in dollars, an iPhone XS 64GB coast in Italy 1.389$, while the model for the iPhone XS-Max 512 GB costs well 1.971$. Among the countries that are the most “dear” to include Poland, Great Britain, Russia and China, while in Hong Kong, and Japan prices are almost in line with those of the USA. Among other things, in the United States, the iPhone XS and XS Max will be sold immediately without any blocking operator, so who is there to work, study, or vacation may make us a little thought.


In fact, in less than a year to a telephone, and$ 1,000 has become almost normal, while here in Italy we continue to have the highest prices in the world.

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