What can we expect from the WWDC 2018? iOS 12, macOS 10.14 and much more!


Published on Jun 02, 2018


The WWDC 2018 Apple will kick off this Monday with the highly anticipated keynote. This year may expect some surprises, because little has transpired in the last few weeks. Certainly the company of Cupertino will present the new versions of the operating systems for their devices, there are many doubts on the new hardware. In this article we propose a collection of all the latest news that Apple may unveil.

Initially, Apple thought to introduce with iOS 12 news as the Home Screen renewed, a new interface to the system CarPlay, improvements for the app of the Mail system, and new features to the Photos app and the Camera. However, all of these have been postponed to 2019, according to Bloomberg, the company intends to introduce “only” enhancements to the existing features and resolve some bugs in the system.

This means that there will be no new features in iOS 12? Wrong!

According to Bloomberg, Apple has plans to introduce a cross-platform that will allow developers to create apps that work both on iPhone/iPad and Mac. This would increase considerably the number of apps available to download on the Mac App Store. At the moment, however, we do not know if this will be a new feature of iOS 12.

The colossus of Cupertino will introduce new Animoji for iPhone X (and for smartphones that will present in September, ndr), and perhaps also the support for the landscape mode to the Face ID, given that the release system may also be included on the next generation of iPad Pro. Remaining with the topic, could also reach the support Animoji in FaceTime, allowing iOS users to “customize” your video calls in a fun and entertaining way.

Another key point of iOS 12 could be a new suite of digital tools for health monitoring. We talk about a function that can calculate the time spent in a day using an iPhone/iPad and an application. A new definitely very welcome, especially for parents so they can have more control on the use of the devices by their children. The dependency on smartphones is a question as timely as ever.

Apple could improve the controls for do Not Disturb mode, giving users more options for example to automatically reject calls and mute notifications.

As reported in this article, the company from Cupertino is almost certainly going to announce ARKit 2.0, a new version of the tools for augmented reality dedicated to developers. The update will focus, as they say, on multiplayer experiences.

With iOS 12, Apple could expand the NFC capabilities of the iPhone, going beyond simple payments from mobile devices. Users may for example use their smartphone to open doors with NFC technology.

Among the other new vociferate for iOS 12, such as a renewal for the app Bag, a deeper integration of Siri in the Photos app, a revamped interface for importing photos to the iPad, and an updated ibooks app (which could take the name “Book”).

The next version of the operating system for Mac might introduce, as said, the support to multi-platform applications. In a few words, applications written for iOS can run on a Mac. As part of the initiative, some apps are exclusive to iOS such as Health and Home, may get also on desktop/notebook.

According to John Gruber of Daring Fireball, Apple would have in the programme a total renewal of the Mac App Store, on the line of the new design of the App Store introduced with iOS 11. As a novelty, that would make sense, because the app is multi-platform.

This hypothesis ties in with a leak in the final hours of the developer Steve Troughton Smith, who unveiled the arrival of the video previews in the store digital. In addition, the developer has revealed the introduction of a Dark Mode to full (which then modifies the UI of all the apps) and the new app for Mac News.

According to recent declarations of Craig Federighi of Apple, you may get the support of the new Filesystem for the Fusion Drive, but the rumor for the moment I will end here. In short, the new features of macOS 10.14 will be a surprise.

In addition to the updates to iOS and macOS, Apple will present – and here there are doubts – even tvOS 12, and watchOS 5, operating systems, respectively, for the Apple TV and Apple Watch.

These are updates that attract less than those for iOS and macOS, but the news at WWDC this year certainly will not be lacking. We know of the new dial with “Pride”, and in this article we will explain how to activate it in advance.

This will be the first WWDC that will take part to the HomePod. In what way? Probably with a software update. Be careful though, talking about speakers smart, there might be news.

Are many years now that Apple uses the Worldwide Developers Conference to launch a new product. Last year, for example, the californian company has unveiled new models in the Pro line of iPad, and updates to MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on an update for the MacBook 12" and the MacBook Pro with the Intel processor to the next generation. The news is obviously not confirmed, but it could be a possibility. We also talked about a notebook low-cost, it would replace the MacBook Air, but in this case the doubts are many strong.

Have leaked also rumors of updates for the iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro. June is the month suitable for ads of this type, so it is an hypothesis not to be discarded.

Apple is working on a new iPad Pro with system TrueDepth, support, technology, Face ID, photo frames, thinner and Home button absent. In short, an iPhone X “the giant”. We expect two variants of the new iPad Pro, it says 10.5", and 12.9".

The system TrueDepth would allow the support to Animoji, and the above-mentioned iOS support 12 to the Face ID in the landscape would add almost essential on a device like the iPad.

Despite iPhone X uses an OLED display, the new iPad Pro should mount (again...) and an LCD display. Should not miss the fastest and most efficient processor A11X and a GPU made by Apple.

According to Bloomberg, a new iPad could be launched in September, and also Ming-Chi Kuo (former analyst of KGI Securities) seems to support this item. In short, it seems unlikely a launch on the occasion of the WWDC, but today there is nothing certain.

iPhone IF 2 is the device (rumored) of the moment. After a succession of discordant voices, it now seems certain that Apple will unveil the second generation of the iPhone 4". When? We don't know.

According to the latest rumor, iPhone IF 2 will be characterized by a design in the style of iPhone X, with support for the Face ID and the frames are very thin. The rear shell may be made of glass, with the support of wireless charging, and the display may present the much-criticized (but a source of inspiration) notch, or notch.

The doubts on the device, however, are many, and it is very difficult to hypothesize a launch period. Also in this case, however, is not to discard the hypothesis of a presentation at WWDC, and it would be a great surprise.

The analyst Gene Munster believes that Apple will present a product brand Beats with Siri built in, to consider an alternative low-cost to the HomePod. It should then operate in a manner similar to the first smart speaker Apple.

Also in this case we are in the field of hypothesis, but it could be a product from the design, similar to the Beats Pill+, with a cost that could be around $250.

Apple has announced AirPower in September, saying that it was available in 2018, but up to now still no news. For the uninitiated, it is a base wireless charging for the Apple Watch Series 3, AirPods, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which can recharge multiple devices at the same time.




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