What are the New features of iOS 13 beta 3? [Article continuously updated x5]


Published on Jul 02, 2019


What are the New features of iOS 13 beta 3? [Article continuously updated x5]

Apple has just released the third beta of iOS 13, and in this article we're going to list all the new features that were added compared to the beta 1 and 2.

We are going to list the problems that are fixed with respect to the previous version and everything that we are different. This article will be constantly updating so come back to visit it occasionally to read further news.

In the meantime, don't miss the video where we have listed the 46 most important New features of iOS 13.

We have identified 18 new in beta 2 of iOS 13 that we have collected in this article.

1. The Application House, now displays a warning about the security cameras able to use the Secure Recording via iCloud.

2. In the application Home has changed the transition effect that you get by holding down on a device and then bring up the lever control)

3. Inside of the App Store has completely changed the section Apple Arcade, now show a video in the background and many information on the extent of the service. By tapping two buttons in the page we're redirected to the Apple site where we will be able to subscribe to a newsletter to be notified of the availability of the service.

4. New animation on the iPad that shows which of the two open apps in SplitView is ready to receive input from an external keyboard. As you can see from the video below, there is a small cleat at the top that is colored in a more dark in the foreground app.

It's subtle, but iPadOS 13 beta 3 shows which app in Split View is actively receiving text input.

Watch the pill-shaped indicator at the top. This has been an issue since the Split View launched in iOS 9.

— Federico Viticci (@viticci) July 2, 2019

5. New Splash Screen for the application Notes

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