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Published on May 11, 2020


“Free Will Is Not Free” with this claim had begun on the third season of Westworld, the cult series from HBO broadcast in Italy on Sky Atlantic. With the eighth episode, the circle is closed, and by the end of this third chapter (a fourth already know to be coming) we find ourselves a bit like Bernard on the beach in the second season: confused, lost and at the mercy of the waves (and the others). Spoiler alert if you have not seen the season in full.

After the first four episodes and the plot twist of the many copies of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) - made by herself (one of which is Hale and Bernard) to make his revolution, that had been the turning point of the season, all roads lead right to the above-mentioned revolution and to the discovery that Rehoboam, the system that “controls the world” was created by the architect Serac, together with his brother, then confined by the same Serac because it was made of the scruples of his “power”.

In the other four episodes we have seen a series of plot twist – as the death of the family of Hale – who want to bring a new awareness on the part of all players, especially the new entry Caleb (Aaron Paul), whose truth is revealed in the finale to his “training” was in the Park. 5 and had “rescheduled” and “refurbished” his memories so that he forgets that he has killed himself, his former comrade-in-arms and friend in a small “game to the massacre”. You kill or you are killed. And’ this is the law that seems to control the world's hyper-futuristic matrix matrixiana told in this third cycle of episodes.

The final episode, instead, go back to the roots, to give a closing (shall be final) to the character of Dolores, at least in this version as they have stated authors. Let's go back inside the park, in the memories of Dolores, that should have the famous key to Rehoboam. It's back for a moment to the extermination camps of the old West in which Dolores is once more the engine of the action of the series from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

His intent – and the message – final, then, seems to not be the destruction, but rebuilding the world from scratch, because it “chooses to see the beauty in the world“. Almost a new Big Bang, from which originate the universe, and the final scene that focuses on a shot from the film, a post-apocalyptic world with heroes “survivors” of the shoulders which include the destruction happening all around them.

Just this humanity, together with the awareness of Rehoboam – to know how to rebuild the world in a better version? Is there hope? Free will really exists? It is precisely around the concept of free will, as we said at the beginning, that the whole season turns and turns, perhaps a little redundantly at times, and twists that distort less the narrative universe in which now we find ourselves in, especially in the final part. About the end, with a mention of the scene post-credits which, once again, involves William and his plan of “revenge” against Dolores.

Westworld 3 seems to have lost its bite compared to the magic of the inaugural season and to the fascinating complexity of the second one, and this new identity futuristic, might drive away some viewers as it is already a success. The special effects and visual aids have absorbed the writing and acting, which remain level but less in-depth (as in the character of Caleb), instead of to accompany them and be the instrument. Also thanks to the tabula rasa of the final, which promises to be a further “new world” for the fourth season (and in the whole there could be six years instead of the five you think initially), and this is somewhat reminiscent of the confusion and too many moments of “passage” of the Fantastic Animals and the Crimes of Grindelwald.

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