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Published on Mar 06, 2020


A factor which complained most of the aficionados about the second season of Westworld is that the story was made unnecessarily complicated and turned on the subplots and time jumps that tended to confuse the viewer and away, rather than bring it back the next week to try to untangle the skein of the HBO series.

The third season arriving on march 15th in Usa and on the day after the us on Sky Atlantic, does not seem to worry about it and, indeed, continue on this road, at least according to the first half of the season that we saw in the preview (4 out of 8 episodes total). At the same time, using those flashbacks and tricks of narrative to allow the audience to put the pieces together of new and old – in a certain sense, new also their characters in the first few episodes.

Come to the third of the season – a turning point in the general framework of the creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the series should have five in all – no longer seems important now to distinguish between humans and androids, each one could be another – therefore past the appearance to the spy story we go in the atmosphere, most sci-fi. We were so focused inside the park of Westworld and for the first time we see the outside world and how technologically advanced. The scenography of the well-kept tip all on the floor-futuristic space, by means of transport at the forefront of the mobile phones and tablets, almost invisible. The soul of the western of the serial, however, remains in the action scenes and in the great expanses, not more desolate, now urban landscapes with no end on the horizon, full of lights and neon.

At the center of the flagship HBO once again it is the women more than the male counterpart. From a side continues the crusade without the district of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) against the humans that have made you prisoner in a cage (or Westworld); on the other, the maternal love, that pushes Maeve (Thandie Newton) to continue to search for the daughter and hope to see her again. A humanity that is “inexplicable” that of Maeve, but also the engine of the action, even if both women do not do anyone any favours when it comes to getting your hands dirty. Once again – Lost docet – the series speaks of faith and of science, of their controversial relationship, and how much we have really free will. Maybe someone likes to play God over us, without that maybe we are not aware of?

Not “we live, perhaps all in a cage” that is our society, that imprisons us and forces us, often unconsciously, to fall into certain “boxes”, the roles, characteristics, labels, without giving us the freedom to be truly ourselves? What does it mean to be free today? Free to choose? Free to make mistakes? Free to love? Free to live? Not by chance that the slogan of the new episodes is “The free will is not free”.

Another topic is that of veterans of the war – represented by the new entry Aaron Paul, also, however, declined in a futuristic version. A sequence of the first episode, in which he and a robot eating the workers on the beam of a skyscraper, can't remember the “lunch on a skyscraper” of the group photo of the 1932 cult. The photo was a positive note in the period of the Great Depression: just like in the pictures, the character of Paul, and the robot does not show any kind of discomfort, the discomfort is from another part in the past and what awaits them once you have finished eating. If at the time there was the Wall Street crash, in the future of Westworld which catastrophe the economic and social let us go to meet – when the currency has become humanity itself, as it represents well the character without scruples of the new entry Vincent Cassel? Is agency really free?

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