Westworld: Antonio Banderas villain of Season 3?


Published on Nov 14, 2018


According to That Hashtag Show, the series is trying to put in the cast the actor Antonio Banderas as the villain. 3

Few details are known about the character who Banderas will play, but THS states that it is very similar to the villain of the film of the saga of James Bond, Skyfall, played by Javier Bardem.


Last month the cast has seen the addition of Aaron Paul, but there are no other details on the role of Paul in the show.

After the explosive finale of the second season, it is difficult to predict what will happen in the Westworld in the third, in which Dolores (always played by Tessa Thompson) ran away from the park and headed towards the real world with the apparent intent to bring back to life at least five guests.

“We know that Dolores has taken many “pearls” with her,” said Wood, who plays Dolores. “Who are those pearls?” I don't know, I know that there is also a pearl mysterious in the body of Hale because when Dolores came out to Hale and rebuilt it and rebuilt it, Bernard, held the body of Hale and that Hale is going on in the real world with her, but we have no idea who is inside.”

The showrunner and creators of the series Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan spoke with The Hollywood Reporter of the upcoming episodes and of some of the important changes for the future of Westworld.

“I think that it is a radical change.” explained Nolan. “What is compelling and attractive about these characters is that they are not human... you can't expect the characters to be human to withstand and survive the type of story we are telling. The host have a different version of the mortality, from a different perspective. I think clearly with Dolores, as she is structured, there is a more long here, a broader set of objectives. Are existential. Covering eons, and this is a fascinating history”.

The two have talked about how the show is different from the film of Michael Crichton, but still inspired by the themes and story of the original material.

“It's funny because the project was born from Lisa and me sitting alone in a room thinking about what he thought about Michael Crichton about 40 years ago and then try to build on it,” said Nolan. “These things always start as a private thing, at a certain point, you have to show it to an audience, the feedback has been incredibly exciting and also the level of involvement of the people. We know that our show requires people to look a little beyond their nose and pay attention”.

Season 3 of Westworld doesn't yet have a date, but it seems that the production will begin in 2019.

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