Westworld 3: where we were and where we are going


Published on Mar 16, 2020


Is going to get the long-awaited third season of Westworld (here is our review of the first four episodes in the preview) from 16 march on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV. For the occasion, and given the narrative complexity of the series in general, and especially of the second (criticised) season, we thought we'd take a point in the pills on what we have seen and what we will see.

In the beginning was Westworld

Everything starts from the park of the title – as in the film of the 1973 Michael Crichton which has inspired the serial – one of the six that are part of the Delos Inc., the company headed by James (the father, played by Peter Mullan) and Logan (son, with the face of Ben Barnes), who has imagined a world not so much futuristic that human beings want to give vent to their most perverse fantasies in the old West.

The humans are the guests (guest), the androids are the resident (host). The androids seem human in all respects and have their own narrative line of interaction with guests. When these residents begin, however, to be aware of what they really are and of what the humans have forced them to do, become aware of if and rebel against their “gods”.

At the head of the “revolt” of the one part Dolores (Evan Rachael Wood), and Maeve (Thandie Newton), so conscious, and of their narratives of the past and want to rediscover the long-lost daughter (android also you, of course) to take her to a world (and a future) the best, where they come from humans. Maeve is not strong as only a mother's love capable of overcoming the technology, but also the ability to control the other host.

The path of self-awareness is called the Labyrinth, and Ford (Anthony Hopkins), the architect of the park, had planned, so as to create Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), an android underling and “conscience,” renewed their former partner with Arnold, that you mischiasse between humans. The revolt lead to the death of a large part of the Board of Directors of the Delos, including a Ford.

In the meantime, William (Ed Harris), brother-in-law of James and now the owner of the park, back to Westworld to find Dolores and discover the truth about the Labyrinth.

Towards the Shogun World and beyond

In the second season, guests and residents seek to flee from the park, each for their own survival, they discover the Shogun World, “another world” of the park devoted to Japan during the Edo period (1603 – 1868).

While Dolores becomes increasingly stiff and “cold”, killing anyone who snags the road, including the fiancé android Teddy (James Marsden), Maeve, however, remains faithful to his “love”, Hector (Rodrigo Santoro). Maeve discovers the Door, a digital pass that's hidden in the Westworld, which leads to a sort of “Garden of Eden digital” where the residents will be finally free, where to let go of the daughter waiting to see her once again. Maeve is killed by the humans of the Delos arrived to contain the revolt, in spite of the sacrifice made for her daughter and despite the help of Lee, the head writer of the narrative of the park, which has been redeemed (Simon Quarterman). But to be truly free in this “Eden” of the host?

Maeve and Bernard would like to reconcile a sort of coexistence between humans and androids, instead of Dolores. In the face of a carnage-general, Bernard kills Dolores, but then if he repents and revive into the body of Hale (Tessa Thompson), an unscrupulous member of the Delos, to allow them to exit the park in the “real” world, thanks also to the help of Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth), Ford had hired to protect the androids and not humans, as it seemed initially. This is because the year hosted in the park are served not so much to study human behaviors to make more realistic the androids, as in the beginning makes you believe the serial, but to save years of data details of the guests so as to implant them at a later time in the residents.

Brave New Westworld

Set in Los Angeles of 2058, the third season brings us out of the park in a world that is highly sci-fi that is somewhat reminiscent of the Matrix. At the head of the “New World” there is the so-called “System”, of property this time of the Incite and directed by Serac (the new entry Vincent Cassel) – competitors of the Delos, still existing but in a free fall of the economy – that decides how a “God”, the life of human beings with an algorithm of the probability and benefits. Built, however, with a secret program, thanks to the data collected from the Delos on the guests in the years to Westworld.

Dolores is moved by the same “feelings” of extermination, while she was in a relationship with two humans: the first with Liam (John Gallagher, Jr.), bound to Incite, and then with Caleb (the new entry Aaron Paul), which could prove to be the answer to her prayers. But what will be the faith Dolores? Maeve finds herself in the third of the six parks, set in fascist Italy of the Second World War, until he is approached by someone.

Who will win in this war, humans or androids? And above all, both will be truly free to choose, or there will always be a “God” who will choose for them? We will only know by watching new episodes of Westworld.

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