Well the law on ecoreati, but 76 the ongoing investigations in Italy

Published on Feb 24, 2017

Are 76 on-going investigations for environmental crimes, on the basis of the law 68 of 2015 has introduced in the penal Code the ecoreati. The crime, the more challenged is the environmental pollution (47 cases). The data emerge from the report on the application of the law, prepared by the bicameral Commission on ecomafie and presented Thursday in Rome at the Palazzo San Macuto. Well the law on ecoreati, but 76 the ongoing investigations in Italy. On 76 on-going investigations, 26 are at the expense of the unknown. The reports are widespread on the whole Italian territory, with a prevalence in the south and in the islands. The environmental disaster has been challenged in at least 5 cases, in Turin, Perugia, L'aquila, Rome and Cagliari. A sixth objection to Foggia is perhaps. Surveys for death or personal injury as a result of environmental pollution were 2, 6 and those for crimes against the environment, and 3 for traffic of radioactive material, 6 to the impediment of the control, 3 for failure to comply with reclamation. According to the Commission, the new law has “the effect of general prevention, to the front of the anticipation of sanctions, the most serious”. In applying the new standard are, however, were two critical issues: the lack of “personnel of the judicial police specialized” and the need for “new or increased financial burden” to deal with these new skills. The law is working well. The law on ecoreati was approved with a two-thirds majority of the parliament, including the Cinquestelle. The vice president of the Chamber, Luigi Di Maio (M5S) has praised as a positive example of monitoring done by the Commission: “In Italy there are too many laws and you do not control what happens, " he said. We are to enter more and more into a perspective in which the laws must be few, and the parliament, once approved, checks if they are working on”. The need to increase the resources of the court for the prosecution of the new offences against the environment was also confirmed by the public prosecutor of Rome, Giuseppe Pignatone. The president of the Commission Ecomafie, Alessandro Bratti (Pd), has commented that “the law is working well. There are crimes such as those of environmental pollution that are beginning to be reported. But need a job training and collaboration between agencies and police forces”. For Bratti “the law on ecoreati, together with the reform of the environmental agencies, the law on the green economy and the union of forestry and the police, gives this country an institutional architecture for environmental issues is among the most advanced in Europe”. (ANSA)

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