Weight-loss products, only promises in the wind or a grain of truth?

Published on Oct 08, 2018

The pharmaceutical market is full of products that promise to lose weight in a short time, let's see what they are and how they work

Nowadays, food supplements and slimming products occupy a significant slice of the market, the pharmaceutical chemist, there are lots of products that can help those who want to lose extra pounds. These products act in different ways, there are some that inhibit the sense of hunger, others that speed up the metabolism and still others that, instead, they possess a specific action against the absorption of fat.

Of course, all of these actions are almost always quite mild, there are no miraculous pills that make you lose weight magically, it comes to products that help you lose weight more quickly if associated with a proper low-calorie diet and an essential exercise.

Also, although it is not necessary a prescription to purchase these weight-loss products it is always recommended to listen to the opinion of the doctor before hiring them, in fact some of these can be treated as real drugs, not without side effects.

Already in 2002, some slimming products containing a specific molecule, sibutramine, have been withdrawn from the market after several cases of deaths not entirely clarified, it seems in fact that this molecule cause dependence, exactly like a drug. In 2010, the FDA has banned the trade of products containing sibutramine.

Of course, this does not mean that all weight-loss products are harmful or dangerous, among the most popular on the market, we find Kilokal that allows you to speed up the metabolism if associated with a diet and a life style correct.

Another product that is very popular on the market is AdipeLip, based on Fucoxantina, green tea, and other stimulants, and thermogenic herbs, that speed up the fat consumption.
Finally, we point out the most recent Burns Fam, that promises to help you not only burn excess fats but also improve your mood thanks to its active principles.

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