Weight loss belly and flanks: these are the foods that help to eliminate excess fat


Published on Jul 24, 2019


To slim the tummy and hips, how to do? Let's discover what are the foods that help to eliminate excess fat. Many people in fact complain that they have a bit of roundness right on the stomach and in the abdominal area. To be able to remove the pounds, you need to eat the right things. According to some studies, there are foods that help you lose the pounds and inhibit the sense of hunger. Therefore, eating these foods, you limit the desire to continue eating. Choosing a healthy lifestyle, doing physical activity, a diet that contains certain foods can really help you to lose weight the belly. Let's find out then what are these foods to take for losing weight.

If there are foods to take to lose weight, there are others where it is good to stay away. We are speaking definitely of the fried foods, but also red meat and processed, as well as beverages rich in sugars. Alternatively, it is good to take yogurt, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts. But let's see in detail the best foods to take to lose weight stomach and hips.

Very important for a healthy diet are legumes. Contain fiber and protein, do well and increase the sense of satiety. Within them, there are actually soluble fibers, which increase the time of absorption of food and slow down the digestion. For this reason, we feel full longer and you feel less the need to eat something else. Therefore green light to the consumption of peas, lentils, chickpeas, beans, and so on.

Also eggs are an important food for weight loss belly and hips and not only. According to a study carried out on 21 people, a comparison was made between the consumption of eggs or bagels for breakfast. Have emerged, with important results also on the levels of sugar in the blood, and the hunger hormone. Those who ate a breakfast of eggs, manifested by a greater sense of satiety by taking less food in the following meals. Furthermore, the levels of sugar in the blood is not varied.

A very important food in the diet is also avocado is rich in good fats and fibers that can be of great help for slimming the tummy and hips. Place it in a well-balanced diet can help you. Then there is the dried fruits to help you lose weight in the abdominal area. A study carried out on obese women and in overweight compared to a healthy diet with the consumption of 50 grams of almonds per day, with a diet that included dried fruit. After a period of three months, it was found that women who ate the almonds were able to lose weight more. In particular, decreased the fat on the belly.

As we know, a healthy diet should not miss the vegetables. In particular, to help you to lose weight, there are cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, spinach. These foods are rich in fiber. The same goes for the fruit. To be particularly useful for slimming the tummy and hips are berries, which are rich in fibers.

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