Wedding gay, Italy says yes: how to dress the bride and groom? (PHOTO)

Published on May 19, 2016

Italy says yes to the marriage of homosexuals, for the chance to join in marriage with the love of his life, be it woman or man.
Civil unions in Italy are finally possible, that our nation said yes to unconditional love that knows no distance, religion and even gender.
And now that everything, or almost everything, is done, you can prepare yourself to the most beautiful day of your life in a relaxed way, combining the good taste and the label of the wedding androgynous.

How they should dress, so the bride and groom?

In spite of the white dress is the emblem of a marriage, this ceremony must not be mentioned.
If the ceremony takes place in the morning, you should wear a tight for the most part dark, that is characterized by shades of color ranging from blue to black.
In addition to the bride and groom will be able to find the witnesses and fathers of the bride and groom.
If it is an evening ceremony is informal, you will have to wear instead of the jacket instead of an evening ceremony, elegant in which you will have to wear a tuxedo or tailcoat.
If you prefer a ceremony by the taste of the bohemian and the dandy, you will be able to associate with the bridal gown accessories such as gloves and cylinder are to be kept strictly in hand.
In addition, the bon-ton allows the pocket handkerchief, also called a “clutch”, that should not be combined with the tie or bow tie and the ascot, or a long knotted or embellished with a jeweled brooch, which can be used only in the ceremonies morning with the tight.

The choice of the dress should reflect your personality, must be comfortable to manage at the best the whole ceremony and must be able to be the true symbol of elegance.
In this regard, peeps the Italian tailors of which you can take advantage of both the bride and groom in choosing the dress in a detailed and personal.

These will be able to opt for dresses that used, without falling in the banality and in the “already seen” bringing a few small details such as cufflinks, tie-clip, the clock, and the flagship also called boutonnière. The latter is usually coordinated with the bride's bouquet, but on this occasion, can be matched to the colors used for the bow tie and tie.
The twins, then, are a touch of class and can be in silver and gold. If the bride and groom choose to dress up with different clothes, they can opt for twins is the same to give continuity to the outfit.

The bearing for the faiths, then it can bring back the traditional color of the ceremony, which can vary from yellow to pink, to green, to blue, to pink, brown and orange.

And finally, the latest accessory that spouses should never do without is the smile, the desire to build, the decision and the courage to be in two, and the tenacity of love, the one and only true engine of the universe, the one and only ray of hope against the ugliness of being subject to judgments and prejudices.

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