Weather forecast ready may 1, 2018: what the weather will be for the feast of the workers in Italy?


Published on Apr 09, 2018


This year the festivities of the First of May, labour day, falls on a Tuesday, thus creating a bridge public holiday of four days: from Saturday, 28 until note on Tuesday 1 May.
In this article, we delve into better forecasts of the weather forecast for these days of bridge. What weather awaits us, and what are the weather forecast for the days of relaxation on the first deck of may 2018? The month of April you know is the first real month of Spring and as such, is rather unstable, as it is always more of an alternation between temperatures, the pre-summer and the last hints of winter. For this evaluate the predictions at a distance of three weeks can sometimes be a little difficult. However, based on the data that we receive from the meteorological centre of the european, we can already predict more or less clear regarding the weather in Italy during the bridge of May 1.

Saturday, April 28, will be the last day of a week in which rainfall, however, in the media, mainly involving the regions at the border to the North with the Alps, while on the rest of the peninsula. The temperatures will be in growth on all the remaining regions. In some cases, the heat may even exceed 25 degrees, especially in the southern regions and the islands, ensuring that throughout the course of the day a beautiful, sunny day.

On Sunday the weather situation on the peninsula remains unchanged, in fact the temperatures will be back in growth, mitigated by an anticyclone in africa, and probably also from the cyclone of the Azores that will dominate the scene, guaranteeing a day of stable and sunny on the whole of the Italian peninsula. Even in the regions more to the North the sun will be constant throughout the day, with temperatures close to 20 degrees in the maximum of the day. In short, we could have almost a first taste of summer, with the possibility also for the first trips to the beach.

Monday, April 30, at these temperatures, pre-summer, and the anticyclone, may be hindered from seeping in the atlantic that could lead to an increase in cloud cover and also some temporal spread, mainly in the Alps and pre-alpine up to extend into the area of the entire Po valley. Given the distance of the prediction, it is possible that this slight perturbation will be swept away, and that, therefore, even for the day Monday, we could have a mild climate on the whole peninsula, with temperatures in the summer.


The day of May 1, the forecasts are as in the previous day. That is, if the infiltrations coming in from the atlantic would exceed the Alps, storms may even get on top of the rest of the peninsula, with a consequent riabbassamento temperature (even if only by a few degrees), and a day variable characterized by the temporal spread and even if of low intensity, that are annoying for a day of celebration.
However, if the perturbation does not reach the temperatures will be like in the old days, myths and ensure a great day of sunshine on the whole of our peninsula, as a taste of mid-summer.

The weather forecast to be accurate, they are usually evaluated at the distance of 7 up to 15 days, then it is best to check close to of the week of the bridge if these assumptions listed above will occur, because the winds may change and, consequently, also the weather forecast. In this way, you can be sure of the veracity of the forecast, and you can program with the peace of mind that your holidays or trips around our beautiful peninsula, during these four days of celebration.

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