We tried DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ: the 2D that makes the epic Dragon Ball


Published on Sep 17, 2017


From Saturday 16 September 2017 until the morning of Monday 18 September 2017 the selected users around the world will have the opportunity to take advantage of the Closed Beta of Dragon Ball FighterZ, the highly anticipated new video game of combat based on the franchise created by Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball, and also us, thanks to Bandai Namco Entertainment we were very lucky and we had a chance to try the new game is currently in development at Arc System Works.

In this article we want to expose our impressions on the new video game that sets itself the difficult objective of introducing a revolution both from the point of view of concept, graphics, visual and both from the point of view of the gameplay.

Let's start now by remembering that Dragon Ball FighterZ check out of nowhere, just before E3 2017 and it is proposed as a new video game console home of the latest generation. Well, there is nothing wrong nor nothing so strange, since almost every year the Software House, they make for the fans, and the most gregarious of Toriyama's work as a video game series created by him. The technology proceeds, it goes on every second, and the video games Dragon Ball adapt to that change, becoming always more exciting. And here's the reason I always meet the success when it refers to sales.

But not distogliamo the gaze from the main topic. Dragon Ball FighterZ comes with a great breath of fresh air, which reintroduces the 2D fighting. Strange to say, the last video game in 2D for consoles home was Dragon Ball: Burst Limit (which was released in 2008 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360). From then on, statati products other video games, but all with the component of the 3D and a experience of the game more vast and varied as the last two of the series, Xenoverse.

And then comes Dragon Ball FighterZ. The revolution of which we speak is that the title of Arc System Works is working, head down, to get the success and the trust of fans by introducing a new game in 2D, returning to the origins.

As we have anticipated, we have had the opportunity to try the Closed Beta of Dragon Ball FighterZ and our first first impressions, frankly, lead us to declare that the Beta was not surprising.

After the introductions of the rite, the principles of the privacy and important recommendations, Dragon Ball FighterZ throws us directly into the online system of the game consists of a large lobby in which our avatars are the leading characters of Dragon Ball (eventually you can choose between Goku, Gohan, Freeza, Cell, and so on) to keep versions of chibi.

After you have also introduced our nickname we can move in the lobby, talk with other users, through chat rooms, check the different commands and above all, we can begin to choose our team of warriors. It should be emphasized here that Dragon Ball FighterZ is designed for close combat 3 against 3, so our team will be, of course, by 3 warriors. The video game allows us to choose any of the ten available teams and each team corresponds to an arena of combat is different.


The playable characters available in the beta only 10: Goku, Gohan, mirai Trunks, Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo, Freeza, Cell, Majin Buu, C-18 and C-16. Every team does so that users can play with these characters. Once you have chosen everything that we are ready to dive into the world of combat of Dragon Ball in real life.

In fact, before the arena there will be of the men that we can enter the arena, but just before a menu opens to select other options: “join as a spectator, edit/select team, explanation and to be able to go back”.

Once inside the arena we will have to interface with another user (or vice versa), and if you accept the request will start our match. And from this moment, really BEAUTIFUL.

Now you're wondering: but you had not written that the Beta was not surprising? True, you read that right, but from the first days of E3, from the first time that Bandai Namco Entertainment has briskly the title, in all of us it triggered that kind of feeling is shared that made us to immediately believe that this Dragon Ball FighterZ could not be a gift as spectacular and exciting as well as fun. Only by the images, from the trailer and from the very first gameplay off-screen we got that the title was fantastic.

We thought: “Yes, finally it comes back to a real nice game of Dragon Ball”.

And Beta tested by us, had no other result, or the game is really fantastic under every point of view. Could not be more beautiful than it was already. In other words, our “was not surprising” was not a negative point, but just the opposite. Dragon Ball FighterZ does not betray the expectations, and production has yet to be completed.

When the match starts, the dynamic manga and anime of Dragon Ball catapult in the first game, the frenzy and the ability to make choices, think and ponder vanishes. To play this game, you have to be really of the warriors (or GUERRIERIZ if we take the original title), you have to act of instinct and logic. You have gained before to beat an opponent.

The gameplay is a mixture of well mixed of action to the Dragon Ball, and programming technology of the latest generation. The colors, the details, the technical striking, the movements of the characters, the artificial intelligence, the movement, the effects, the sound, the emotions, the battles to ultra speed, and who more has of it more puts of it), are the workhorse of this game.

The fights allow us to think that we're really living through a battle of Dragon Ball. It is not a simple simulator, because the beauty of 2D lies in its capacity to fight high-speed, and the user gets bored, and never have to keep your guard up in order to make a match.

Probably for the first time, the beauty of create a clash as epic and iconic as Goku and Freeza, is revealed in this new video game that, as we have mentioned earlier, the objective is to lead the revolution to oust from the throne the 3D and the 2D. And he is succeeding without too many problems.

The content of the FighterZ is really something never seen before, that's why it could soon graduate as a best 2D Dragon Ball ever.

The basic techniques and moves, it is the supreme and the characteristics of the playable characters are literally instilled in the artificial intelligence of the warriors of the game, and despite the speed the stage the user is more passionate if one makes the account of the star performing the same movements he saw when he flicked through the pages of that great manga created by Mr. Toriyama.

In addition, sessions of gameplay flow, without too many problems, despite the crowding of the users in the server. For this there is a round of applause to the management of Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The only flaw? The opportunity to use the Beta only for a weekend. However, the way we will enjoy ourselves to duty when in February of 2018 arrives on the shelves, and Dragon Ball FighterZ and I wonder if, once and for all, can we for a moment forget the legend of the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

We tried DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ: the 2D that makes the epic Dragon Ball is




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