We take advantage of the quarantine to put in place and reorganize all our Photos and Videos: some tips


Published on Apr 29, 2020


We take advantage of the quarantine to put in place and reorganize all our Photos and Videos: some tips

We have a lot of free time because of the quarantine, and after watching any TV series on Netflix, after having dabbled in the sport in the home and after you have baked dozens of cakes, perhaps now is the time to “put in place”, in order to better our digital life.

It is an operation that often procrastiniamo and refer to a later time because impiegheremmo too long but now the time is not lacking to us, and those thousands of photos and videos we took on our iPhone, they deserve to be valued and managed at the best.

There are various solutions for this: we can entrust to free solutions do not offer the ultimate in privacy, outstanding among which is Google Photos, or solutions of private that we ensure the maximum control.

In this article we try to help you, explaining you the various options.. then the choice is up to you:

Google Photos is an application available for both iOS and Android). Offers the ability to upload all your photos and your video online, inside of a virtual space managed in with your Google account. Every Google account has 15GB of storage free of charge shared between all the services of the company and in the specific case of the Photos application, you have the opportunity to choose whether to use this space to store your photos and videos in the highest resolution (the original shutter or recording) or whether to use one unlimited storage that does not burden your 15GB. In this case, however, the photos and videos are compressed to a maximum resolution corresponding to 16MP, or 1080p (which is still excellent quality, more than enough for most cases).

Upload your new photos in your iPhone is done automatically as soon as you open the application, and can continue in the background for 15 minutes after the closing of the same.

The best part of Google Photos is that it lets you also create folders (Albums) where you can group photos, for example, “my Completanno“, “Travel to Seville,” and so on. We take always a lot of photos but it is difficult that we then go to them. To create these Albums as they do new experiences is the best way to keep your photo library organized and functional, but also to find images when you wish. Now that we are still in the quarantine can occupy time to load all of our files and organize them into Albums with lots and lots of patience. At the end of this huge work you'll be satisfied and gratified. Thanks to the feature “it Happened today”, with a graphic similar to the stories of Instagram, in the upper part of the Photos app will show the images and albums of events that occurred a number of years ago, so you can enjoy them and rediscover those moments. Cover photo is perhaps even more beautiful than to capture them, but unfortunately we never do.

Google Photos is a great app, however, is not the best for our privacy. Our photos end up on Google's servers and contribute to the improvement of artificial intelligence of the company. The images are analyzed and are constructed with complex algorithms that allow the artificial intelligence to recognize objects, people and animals inside your photos. For example, if we look for “sunglasses” within the app, there will be shown all the photos in which we are wearing glasses and this automatic recognition is possible because the company can work on our images uploaded on their server. In this case, the artificial intelligence has studied millions of photos and now has “understood” how I made the glasses, therefore can recognize them in your photos, also analyzed.

If for this reason, Google Photos makes you turn up a little’ nose then there are other solutions: Portable Hard Drives

Inside a Hard Disk you can store everything that you want, not just photos and video. The hard disk is a physical device that you purchased and which are connected to the computer to perform the various operations of loading or downloading/viewing. It is an archive of practical, absolutely sure, that you can carry with you always. Here there are no issues of privacy, your photos are only of your own and are not to be uploaded online nor seen and used by companies to improve their software, or to understand your habits by showing you, then, to the personalized advertising banners while you surf on the internet.

Inside the Hard Disk there only more categories, there are those “simple” and “Cloud” that will allow you to obtain a something similar to Google Photo but totally independent and without risks to privacy.

Among the simple ones we recommend or Toshiba 1TB, which has a price offer is truly fantastic, just 45,88€ as we have reported on Scontiamolo. In 1TB enter a lot of files and you'll use the USB 3.0 that ensures a transfer speed excellent. According to our tests, we touch the highest levels of 147 MB/s read and 143 MB/s write with an average of 90 MB/s, about 5GB per minute.

If 1TB may be tight, then we recommend the Maxtor from well-4TB, this discount 91,79€ but if you follow @scontiamolo, you will know that a few days ago has reached the minimum price town and we hope that you have been able to take advantage of it. We find a port USB 3.1 gen 1, and also here the read speed is about 141 MB/s, the write is 127 MB/s according to our test, with about 5GB of transfer per minute.

These two solutions are already good, but who wants to spend a few buck more for a product even better, then it must rely on a SSD. The SSD does not use media type magnetic nor mechanical parts such as the HDD, but uses the technology of NAND Flash memory and distributes more quickly and uniformly all of the data in the memory. SSDS are more expensive, the version of the 500GB that you mention here, costs just under€ 100 but offer impressive performance with speeds of 550MB/s (33GB per minute) and are also very very small. This model comes in up to 2TB.

These are a real gem, gems that allow you to replicate the behavior of the application Google Photo in your home, with a completely custom system and accessible only by you. The Western Digital My Cloud Home is the most famous among the HDD of this type, and probably also the most reliable.

To make it work, the hard drive connects directly to your WiFi router in the household and then through an application on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices you can access all the files, documents, photos and videos that you have stored inside. This is not a portable solution and pocket-sized, it should be left at home and you can use it through the internet. You can also upload new images and videos, accessing everything that you have saved at any time, from any place, even when you are not at home and are not using a WiFi network. Between the abilities there is the one of the automatic backup of PC and Mac household, with password protection and much more. It is a solution that is destined to last so in this case we recommend you to abound with the storage so that it can stand firm for a long and for a variety of needs.

We can't physically help me to put order in the files, documents, photos and videos, but we hope at least to have given you the tools and the input needed to encourage you to do so.

The last way to make memorable photos is to print them. Choose from the best tied to a period, a memory or a milestone of your life. For printing there are many online services. Lately I'm using LALALAB that allows you to create photo books which are very beautiful, magnets, plush, bookmarks, and so much more (5€ bonus by using the Coupon “PGUHEIPN“). Also the same Google Photos allows you to sort books based on the images uploaded on the platform, Blurb is another site that allows you to create photo books with which I found it very good in the past even though they are quite expensive and then there is Mixtiles that creates squares of cute or DigitalPix, probably ideal for printing photos in a classic, simple format.




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