Waze update: The browser is free, and the community now supports bikers


Published on Nov 29, 2017


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Since its inception, Waze has supported drivers to find optimal routes, avoid traffic, get estimates on time of arrival, and much more. A few years ago, Waze has added the type of the vehicle “Taxi” for the support of professional drivers that can access to roads normally reserved for private.

Today, Waze announced a new type of vehicle: the motorcycle.

In addition to the standard features, and advantages of Waze, including alerts on patrols, alerts of speed cameras, road closures, restrictions, and so on – riders will also appreciate:

To activate the route for the bikes, go to Settings> vehicle Type and select “Motorcycle”. Available for Android and iOS.

The same app Waze has been optimized for bike travel times, paths, and roads that vary depending on the vehicle you are driving. Including a new type of vehicle, Waze expanded its support for the introduction of a unique riding experience for the navigation in motion.

Due to their size and agility, the bikes are an efficient and economic solution for many people who live in urban centers bustling. Are becoming more and more useful in european cities, where cars are not allowed access to the narrow streets, while in countries located in the APAC area, the motorcycles are a vehicle for primary transportation.

This new feature answers the requests of many fans of Waze around the world. Adding a new category to the types of vehicles, the collection of data will increase and will be more accurate and all drivers, regardless of the type of means of transport, it will be a real benefit.

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