WaterBirth, the app Italian dedicated to the birth in the water


Published on Jan 14, 2018


Made from Pharma Mum, arrives in Italy the first application entirely dedicated to birth in the water, a procedure that gives a number of benefits which is also confirmed by recent studies.

The beneficial effects of giving birth in the water are diverse and range from the reduction of the pain caused by the contractions to a greater comfort for the mother. Additionally, compared to labor and childbirth traditional, the water is able to lower the heart rate of a woman in travail.

This was shown in a study observation conducted in the operative Unit of Obstetrics and gynaecology of the Arnas-Civico in Palermo, directed by Luigi Alio. The research was carried out by employing in the delivery room, modern technologies such as the smartwatch and the smartphone and the brand new iOS app, WaterBirth, made from Pharma Mum Italy and now available on the App Store. WaterBirth is the first app in the world dedicated to birth in the water.

The study revealed several interesting information, also thanks to the use of the app WaterBirth. Pregnant women wearing a smartwatch on which they indicated, with a simple touch on the device, the start and end of each contraction and also its intensity (mild, average or severe). At the same time, WaterBirth has permission to record the heart rate of the women to assess the progress and any alterations and to provide for the intervention of health care providers, if necessary. All of the data (frequency, intensity, and duration of the contractions and heart rate) were observed in real time at the gynecologist and the midwife on a smartphone connected to your smartwatch.

Are provided with tabs that have been reported and the data collected, for example, heart rate at different times: T0 (start of recording), T1 (after 30 minutes), T2 (after one hour), T3 (after 2 hours). The data were then compared on a chart (in the queue to the press release).

What emerges is that in all the measurements the heart rate of women who had labor or delivery in water was lower than those that did not. This is because the release of endorphins (hormones of well-being) caused by warm water makes the pain of the contractions is attenuated. Accordingly, the heart rate lowers.

WaterBirth for the mother is that it can be controlled constantly by remaining immersed in the water. The app also allows you to have an average in the timing of the contractions (the last 30 minutes, last hour, last 12 or 24 hours) and can operate even without a smartwatch, giving you the ability to record the contractions in terms of intensity and frequency.

WaterBirth is available for free download on the App Store.

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