WatchOS 6: The battery of Apple Watch's Series 5 and previous models of fatigue to last all day


Published on Oct 02, 2019


watchOS 6: The battery of Apple Watch's Series 5 and previous models of fatigue to last all day

The new models of the Apple Watch Series 5 are equipped with a display that is always-on, new in 2019. With the display always turned on, some elements of the screen are always lit, even when the wrist is lowered.

It is a good way to keep an eye on the time or to keep track of a workout without the need to lift the wrist, but its use at this time requires you to compromise the life of the battery.

Although Apple claims that the Apple Watch Series 5 offers the same battery life of 18 hours of the Series 4 model, a multitude of complaints on the forums MacRumors, and on the forums of Apple support suggest that this is not so.

In particular, a thread in the forum is full of complaints about the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 5, starting from 20 September, the day the device was released. The reader of MacRumors, Radeon85, for example, has claimed to have seen a significant consumption of the battery until it has turned off the display always-mr

The battery problems don't seem to be limited to the Apple Watch Series 5, which suggests that watchOS 6 may also affect battery life. The new app, the Noise could be complicit in the poor battery life and some users have also cited the cellular connectivity, even if the models GPS seem to be affected by battery life problems.

On the Apple Watch Series 5, battery life can be improved by disabling Always-On section Display & Brightness of the app the Apple Watch on the iPhone, but on Series 4, it is less clear what may be causing your problems.

The readers of MacRumors have reported some fixes that have helped to improve the battery life of the Series 4, Series 5, as the forced restart of the device or the coupling and re-coupling, but there seems to be a single solution that has worked for everyone.

Apple has already updated watchOS to version 6.0.1, and the update has fixed some bugs, but, according to the release notes, has not resolved the battery life. watchOS 6.0.1 may include some optimizations of the battery, because there are some reports on the forum of the improvements after the update.

Apple has also released the first beta of watchOS 6.1 to the developers, and this update seems to include some fixes of battery. Some forum members claim that watchOS 6.1 significantly improves the life of the battery.

watchOS 6.1 is still in the early stages of the beta test, then could be added more optimizations before the software is released, and many of the problems of life of the battery associated with watchOS 6 and 5 Series may soon be resolved.

You're experiencing battery life problems with the 5 Series, or with an Apple Watch previous up to date at watchOS 6? Let us know in the comments.




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