WatchOS 6.2 will allow us to log in to third party apps using OAuth


Published on Feb 22, 2020


watchOS 6.2 will allow us to log in to third party apps using OAuth

The next update of watchOS 6, which is currently available to beta testers, will allow us to log in to your app, such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other access based on Web, using the standard OAuth.

According to the release notes for official watchOS 6.2 beta 2:

Support for ASWebAuthenticationSession is now available when you use the Apple Watch Series 3 and later versions. Using this, the app can now authenticate users using access based on the web such as OAuth.

The reason for which models 2 and 1 Series do not support accesses Web-based is because those models do not have cellular connectivity. On the watches the LTE, we can download and start an app watchOS, even if the iPhone is not in the vicinity, which means that the user must be able to configure the app directly on your Apple Watch. And if an app requires an account, needs to offer the user the ability to create it and access it directly from the watch.

Before watchOS 6.2, the developers could authenticate users with the function of Sign in with the Apple or to create forms of access and enrollment custom, as indicated in the Apple documentation for developers. From watchOS 6.2, the access based on the Web such as OAuth can be used to simplify the creation and access of the account.

In addition, the second beta of watchOS 6.2 provides support for the framework StoreKit Apple.

This will allow the app to Apple Watch to use not only the in-app purchases, but also to offer and promote subscriptions, provide advice to, third party content, and allow users to assess and review the app as on iOS.

OAuth is commonly used on the web to give the Web sites or apps access to our information on other Web sites without revealing your password. As an open standard with wide acceptance, OAuth is used by many other companies, such as Amazon, Twitter, Spotify, and many others.

What do you think of the OAuth support in the inbox on the app of Apple Watch with watchOS 6.2? Let us know in the comments




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