WatchOS 5: discover the latest evolution in the software of Apple Watch


Published on Sep 14, 2018


During the launch of the September 12, Apple Watch Series 4, the california-based company Apple took the opportunity to announce the release of watchOS 5, available to the general public beginning Monday, September 17.

To be more and more inspired to physical exercise, what's the best way if you do not enter in competition with your friends. In this regard, Apple has introduced the “Competition”. It is a real challenge from the duration of seven days to organize with a group of friends and at the end of which is of course delivered a prize to the winner. Here is an example of the medal:

With regard to sporting activities, added the yoga and the hiking that can be added to the previous 12 activities already available. There are of course new information specifically dedicated to these sports, as the cadence of the step, and the “peace alerts”.













The other news is about the beginning and the end of the activity: as soon as the wearable recognizes the movement, it automatically serves the beginning of the activity to the user. Same thing at the end, the watch automatically detects the end of the sport.

In addition to calls and messages, which are already available previously, watchOS expands the possibilities of communication between friends and relatives with the new “Walkie-talkie”. Just send a contact request to the person that we are interested in, and then press the “talk” in order to send a voice message, with so much of any response from the receiver. Function perfect if you are under Wi-Fi coverage, or if you have a variant GPS +LTE.

Thanks to machine learning has been added to a watchface based entirely on Siri, which will offer proactive information on the routine actions performed by the user. The function will improve with time, as Siri understands most common actions performed by the owner of the Watch.

If you loved to hear the podcast from your iPhone, you can continue to do it from your wrist: it has been added to the application, to hear them on the move, using bluetooth headphones or the integrated speaker -. The episodes are then synced between all your Apple devices automatically, thanks to iCloud.

In addition to his watchface dedicated, Siri is now more intelligent than ever. Instead rotate your wrist and say “Hey Siri” to start a conversation with the voice assistant Made in Apple, now you can simply say what we need to ask Siri, thus eliminating the step of “Hey Siri”.

Release new also means the device that are older which leave space for the new, hardware is definitely more powerful and are compatible with all the latest news. This means that watchOS 5 is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3 and 4. You left out the Apple Watch “Series 0”, the first launched in 2014 with a processor only single core and more dated.




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