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Published on Oct 15, 2019


In spite of the declarations that have preceded the arrival in the tv, there is a great deal of respect on the part of Damon Lindelof for the starting material of her new tv series Watchmen, arriving in the Usa on October 20 on HBO, and in Italy at the same time the night between 20 and 21 on Sky Atlantic and then at 21: 00 also on NOWTV. That is, the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, a milestone in american comics, and at the same time, his breakdown, as he has done in a different way The Boys, first on paper, and recently in a tv on Amazon. At the same time, Lindelof demonstrates a clear awareness of what he wants to tell not own that material.

What we see in the first few episodes of this highly anticipated product serial is a myriad of information and new faces that are part of that universe but we don't know and that sends us into confusion. Soon however, they begin to put the pieces together and what emerges is something of the “super” addictive.

There is the mystery, the element of the mystical-religious, and in the third episode reaches the climax of scripture and interpretation thanks to Jean Smart (who from supereroismo author of the Legion, let's not forget). There are the questions of life and the role of the heroes in the world today, more and more necessary as demand, especially in times of hatred towards the “different one”, by inserting strongly the theme of racial with a protagonist of color (Regina King) and a thousand ramifications, a bit like he did Jordan Peele with his the Twilight Zone. What more can you ask of this adaptation?

Watchmen proves to be a remix of all the effects, so get ready to be surprised. If the comic recounted a past alternative, the serial HBO does the same with the present and with the future, even if as would say Dr. Manhattan, “nothing ever has to end.”

If only Zack Snyder (perhaps) could bring to the heroics of Gibbons and Moore, also visually, on the big screen, Lindelof adapts very well to the material for the tv, shaping the universe in his own image and likeness.

This Watchmen looks like a The Leftovers with superheroes (that already were there, in hindsight), it brings even the Queen and King, so much so that the presentation of his character in which you do not understand initially nothing very much recalls the feeling of alienation – willed, studied, calculated, – caused by the in Leftovers. There is a structure that only Lindelof could create, with fittings azzeccatissimi not only internal to the bet, but also between one episode and another. Lindelof and partners are meeting, even to those who have never read the comic or seen the film, masking skillfully of the responses of the protagonists or of the moments of sarcastic with the “spiegoni” so that they may understand also what has been before. Although, I must say, those who do not know minimally the starting material (comics or movies) you could try a excessive alienation at first glance, not being able to fully appreciate the vision and the transport that it deserves.

In the comic Watchmen, there was an attention to the shots and almost film-like, and the same happened in the film. The tv series does not shy away even from this aspect and takes the responsibility, and succeeding, to create new symbols to put at the center of the scene. Not only a different type of brooch with a blood-stained as it was the one with the smiley face in the original, but also the faces covered, the police protect their identity, an interesting reversal of roles that actualizes even more the concept of “hero”.

The soundtrack is the icing on the cake of this recipe lindelofiana, mixing rap, black ballads, country-and giving you perfectly a sense of all the words that we hear, as from New York we move in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with all of the clichés revisited in the South of the United States.

A tv series worthy of attention, Lindelof might have created the new serial “worship” of HBO after Westworld.

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