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Published on Dec 11, 2019


Each week Damon Lindelof makes us believe not to be able to overcome not only leave your mouth open but especially in demonstrating what it has in mind the canvas he is painting the sequel to the television of Watchmen to HBO, in Italy on Sky Atlantic, and promptly leaves the ecstatic spectators every time that the credits start.

We are at the penultimate chapter before the end of the season, and then, as in the previous episode, the nodes must begin to come to a head, while triggering as we said the last time more ancestral questions.

For Lindelof, science and faith, since the times of Lost and still more in his previous creature, television, The Leftovers are the two sides of the coin of our life, and, paradoxically, does not exclude the other. Who more than Dr. Manhattan – whose identity was revealed in the last episode – is the perfect marriage of these two souls, the science which embodies and the faith that he asks those around him, especially to his female partner, who can't understand his annoying way of understanding time?

Angela is no exception and is one of the most original never seen on tv we see them approaching in a bar in Saigon at a time of celebration where all are dressed up as Dr Manhattan. She is of course skeptical and hate him for the death caused to her parents, but at the same time it manages to not be attracted to him, thanks to his knowledge of how things go between them before they even happen.

The episode played entirely with the temporal jumps in narrative, as is the nature of the “power” of Dr. Manhattan, and a sequence of discussion between him and Angela is almost a tribute to what had been between Jon and Laurie in the comic.

And it is at this point that Lindelof pulls out yet another rabbit from the hat: it is linked to the two religions are poles apart – one a pagan of Ancient Greece and the christian one of the Bible – to tell the Genesis for excellence, the Creation, of course, to the work of God Dr. Manhattan in these twenty years of living on Mars (or maybe not).

It's wonderful storytelling ever, “spiegone” that the author use to tell a story, in this case, the History for excellence; on one side of Zeus, who came down on Earth in disguise to be able to mix among the mortals, as Dr. Manhattan is now; and on the other, that of Adam and Eve, made in the image and likeness of the couple who had welcomed him and the father in the English countryside for jews fleeing from nazi Germany. The two servants who can not wait to enslave the God – Dr. Manhattan – a gift then Adrian Veidt sent, perhaps, on Europe, on Mars (other than in the English countryside).

The same two servants, who in previous episodes had been to the whims of Ozymandias, and were continually “re-created” – how important it is to iconology in the Watchemen as well as it was in the comics? The two are dressed just from servitude when they are with Adrian.

“The superman exists and he's american” became “God exists and he's american” in the comic, misled by the press, and more than ever in this episode exclusively devoted to the subject of Dr. Manhattan, and at the same time sheds light on the past of Angela, you may find new axioms to define God. But the true satisfaction with Lindelof is precisely in the search.

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