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Published on Dec 03, 2019


Already with the last episode Damon Lindelof had begun to connect the dots, but with the new installment of Watchmen is incredible the skill of the showrunner to displace, once again, while promising (with the prologue of the episode) to explain things to its viewers. Nothing could be more false: with that one shot the final, we have more questions than answers and longing that you come to the next episode, and few authors can afford to dare so much.

As the detector, This Extraordinary Being, even this time we are put in front of a origin story from the flavour comics. Indeed, a mix of origin stories. After the story of the “birth” of Hooded Justice, it's up to the infazia of his niece Angela'abar, which is let's not forget Vietnam, the homeland of the success (and luck) of Dr. Manhattan.

Using various narrative mechanisms, including the fictitious play-by-play of the “creation” of Dr Manhattan, the storylines start getting more connected with each other. Also Laurie Blake is on the verge of discovering an important truth, seasoned with self-irony on the characteristics of the rural south of the United States. Once again, Lindelof shows great respect for the paper material starting, destrutturandolo else in his own image and likeness. Thanks to the stratagem of Nostalgia – an appendix in the original comic book and on tv that is impregnated with new meaning and crucial to the story that you want to tell – the serum of Ozymandias to retrieve the memories of the loved ones, with whom Angela is gone in overdose, this last one confuses their memory with that of his grandfather, thus showing to the public her childhood and the death of their parents.

As in the comic book, a clock, the countdown continues, for the work of the mysterious lady vietnamese who had given the son in his tree house to the couple a few episodes before. Watch the case of the mysterious Mrs. Trieu has acquired the company where it operates and where it is enclosed in the watch from the (no longer late, now we know) Adrian Veidt and seems to have collected his inheritance utopian save the world by means that are unorthodox and dangerous.

Just the Ozymandias of Jeremy Irons it's not clear where you are going, with a mock trial that takes place of the speeches and of the legal mechanisms, but everything is so perfectly in the television counterpart of the character who would forgive.

Trieu means “dynasty” in vietnamese, and this says a lot about the role of the Lady, who fits perfectly in the role of an omniscient narrator and mysterious. This episode is a game of storytelling, each one tells its own, to the public, to other characters, in and of itself, but this does not mean that you should tell the truth. Many of the protagonists, in fact, lie, or omit some of the truth at the moment.

The only fault of the tv adaptation of Watchmen is its be this, and then be tied to the comics, with less grip for some shots of the scene and find who has not ever read in a life of their own. However, has a structure very solid and so serialized, forcing the viewer to fidelizzarsi and to come back the next week to try to understand.

Who is God and what is his role? Lindelof not forget the existential questions to him so dear, and makes them express in this case to his characters. If already the “danger” of the Superman had been addressed in the comics of Moore, here the question is expanded to the role of the superheroes, masked (“If you have a mask, have something to hide,” says the father of Angela). The “awe” quasi-religious title of the episode is that of Dr. Manhattan, who went on to win the Usa the war in Vietnam, or even that of someone else?

Speaking of lies, it seems that many people we have told so far in this tv series. And that fulfilling will be the next week have other questions that yearn for... other questions.

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