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Published on Jul 06, 2018


WarioWare largest ever, with 300 fun mini-games, including a mix of the classics of the series and some of the challenges of lightning, which you can try already today some of these by downloading the demo directly from the website WarioWare Gold or from the Nintendo eShop.

WarioWare Gold introduces an entirely new story and fully narrated starring the mischievous Wario together a stellar cast of bizarre characters. After a long day of treasure hunting at Luxeville, Wario goes home to dedicate himself to his favorite pastimes – video games and food – but he discovers that he has finished the money! After having asked a few “friends” to create games for him, organises the Cup Wario, the biggest tournament game of the history only in order to enrich themselves. Thanks to the registration fee of 10,000 coins, his plan can not succeed, even if he has promised ben 10 million coins to the winner!

We will have to give us battle in the different leagues of games Pair Wario by completing a series of fast mini-games first to fight against the last boss. Each of the series of mini-games gives us only four opportunities that, once completed, will increase if we are willing to shell out some coins.

Whether it's Jimmy T with his dance moves experts, Mona with its incredible taste for fashion, or 9 - Volt and 5-Volt with their selection of classic, retro, we'll have to think and react quickly in a witty if they are to triumph in the Cup Wario and earn a lot of coins.

The coins you earn in the Story mode, by completing the different alloys or by completing specific missions, can be spent to unlock additional modes, gadgets, witty and souvenirs such as:

While every mini-game unlocked in the Story mode can be played back in the mode Index with a challenge to score high, finish the Story mode lets you unlock the Challenge mode additional. In the context of Challenge, and 9 game modes outside of the head add a series of contingencies to the basic mechanics to put players to the test alone or with friends. Among these:

WarioWare Gold, is ultimately a volcano of over 300 games that you can play games exclusive to the console family, the Nintendo 3DS, starting from the next July 27.

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