War of the titans: Jason Momoa striglia Chris Pratt


Published on Dec 06, 2019


Jason Momoa and Chris Pratt are long-time friends, but the giant of hawaiian origins it did nothing to welcome a post published by a colleague and did not hesitate to let them know immediately: Momoa went on a rampage after seeing Chris Pratt pose in the gym with a plastic bottle in his hand.

“You're probably wondering why I'm here standing, all pulled to show the muscles, while I watch in the distance.... well, you should know that I'm working with Amazon to show you all what I use for my workouts and to keep me active, and all those fun things that you need to know to prepare for 2020,” writes Chris under the pic, but there is a detail that does not go unnoticed...

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Horrified by the scene, in fact, the divo of “Acquaman” has called the colleague who has shared the snap of discord on Instagram: “I love You brother, but why the plastic bottle? It must not be made for single use plastic, let's go!”. Jason is in fact famous for being one of the biggest environmental Hollywood: in a recent speech to the United Nations has even urged the world leaders to seriously address issues such as the climate crisis and pollution of the oceans.

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However, it is already peace made between the two actors: with a post Jason apologized for having used tones and aggressive towards friend and colleague, while reiterating its position against the use of plastic bottles: “Brother, you know that my children and I are madly in love with you and I love everything you do. I'm sorry that all this is now is perceived as bad, it was not my intention for that to happen. I'm just very passionate when it comes to the theme of this epidemic of single-use plastic. Water bottles of plastic to disappear. I hope that you will create a reusable water bottle to Amazon so that we all can buy it. You are an inspiration to many, I am one of them. I'll send you a crate of ‘Mananalu’. All my Aloha, From Momoa”.




You're probably wondering why I'm standing here, low key flexing, gazing into the distance... well, turns out I'm teaming up with @amazon to show you guys everything I use for my workouts, keeping active, and all that fun stuff to get you prepped for 2020. #FoundItOnAmazon #Amazon #Ad

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