Walter Zenga revises his son after 12 years


Published on Jun 25, 2019


The meeting on the occasion of the marriage of his firstborn son

Jacopo Zenga, the eldest son of the match of the National team and Inter, Walter Zenga, he married Clara Milazzo to Palermo, after almost two years of love in the Church of Santa Maria la Nova to the cove. James, 32 years old, he followed in the footsteps of his father and is a professional soccer player in the D series, while she works in Milan, but from good sicilian he wanted to return to his homeland to marry Cesar.

Jacopo has wanted to gather the whole family for her wedding. In fact, the ceremony was attended by all five of the children of the goalkeeper, including even Andrea, born from the second marriage with tv presenter Roberta Spa. Andrea made her entrance in the tv program " Temptation Island Vip, in which he participated together with his girlfriend Alessandra Sgolastra.

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During the episodes of the program, Andrea said they have a difficult relationship with the father: you do not see and do not feel 12 years old. When the parents are separated, the father has broken all the relationships and the children, who in the meantime had moved in the Marche region, have not seen the father.

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The marriage was the occasion for the famous goalkeeper for the nerazzurri to review the children and fix things? It is difficult to know. They appear together in some of the photos on the social profiles of the two but, according to some rumors, they did not even approached for the exchange of peace during mass.




Indescribable feeling to see my brother get married, we always lived far away but with the heart we are and we will always be close ❤️💍 @j_zenga86 @jc_claire_jc I wish you all the happiness of this world 😊🌎

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