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Published on Dec 11, 2018


Is Walter Nude the winner of the third edition of the Great Fratell0 Vip: the reality show of Channel Five hosted by Ilary Blasi. The actor arrived in the televoting of the final against a great friend of his inside the house of Cinecittà, aka chef Andrea Mainardi, who is, therefore, placed second. Third parties are of equal merit Silvia See (Donatella), and the model Stefano Sala. The first of them out of the scene, was the vessatissimo Francesco Monte. But we are reliving step by step as we held the final night of Big Brother Vip 3.

The final of Big Brother Vip 3 opened with the resolution of televoting between Benedetta Mazza and Stefano Sala. The first competitor to leave their home right away without taking part in the live of the final evening was Blessed Mace. At this point, the authors of the program have imposed a second televoting: that between Francesco Monte and Andrea Mainardi; the two, in fact, have become finalists and do not pass through televoting.

To have the worst of it was Francesco Monte, which then had to be subjected to a whole series of questions of llary Blasi on his future relationship with Giulia Salemi. He immediately put a stop to the word “love” but the girl Persian has hinted that he will try to deepen his feelings for the young man from puglia.

To follow, a drawing of lots decided the formation of the other two televoting: the first challenge was that of Silvia Furnish and Andrea Mainardi while the second was between Stefano Sala and Walter Bare. The verdict of the public has sanctioned the two-thirds classified as: the singer and the young model.

An adventure that ends with a TRIUMPH: Walter Nudo wins this edition of #GFVIP!

Publiée par Big Brother sur Lundi 10 décembre 2018

The final duel is the fact: Walter Nudo and Andrea Mainardi were elected to the super-finalists and, therefore, are finished, the one against the other, in the televoting. With 56% of the votes, the public has asked to see the triumph of Walter Nudo; the chef is gone, “only” 44% of the votes.

Two figures impressively demonstrated the great affection that the fans of the Big Brother Vip 3 have nurtured for both competitors. Congratulations to Walter Naked, which is the prize of 100 thousand Euros (of which half to charity).

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