#WallpaperSelection #109: that's the Default Background of Google Pixels and not only!


Published on Oct 07, 2016


Welcome to a new round of #WallpaperSelection, the original book iSpazio in which we offer you new wallpapers to make your device more beautiful, original and custom.

To cure this srubrica of iSpazio Selection, we have formed a whole Team of designers. Just to repay the labour of every artist, some backgrounds are immediately available for download while others are part of the Premium content iSpazio. Premium content, are completely free for everyone, but to download them you must Register at the blog, or simply share this article on social networks.


To be able to make the downlaod you just need to use the buttons of the social networks that you can find below. Alternatively, you can Register for a little space, and the Premium content will be unlocked forever!

If the backgrounds you like, just tell us so:

This is an original wallpaper made by iSpazio. We used Google Earth and a satellite image real. It is a background, very beautiful colors, well assorted, ideal for both Lockscreen and Springboard.

This is the original background of Google, which appears by Default on the new Google Pixel. Also this is a Google Earth satellite image and is suitable for both the Lockscreen and the Springboard.

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The fastest way to download wallpapers directly from your iPhone or iPad. Open this entry through Safari (no Twitter, no Facebook, no other apps) and, in correspondence of the background that you want, click the writing that represents your device. All wallpapers can be downloaded for free, including Premium. If you are unable to download Wallpapers Premium, you just need to register to iSpazio by clicking the “Register” button on the menu or you can follow the instructions found here.




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