W the teachers of the kindergarten: a western!


Published on Mar 21, 2020


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As you are the teachers of the nursery school? If you have children that attend, and you are lucky, you will miss a lot. Yes yes, there will be a lot also to you, parents, in addition, of course to your children, in fact, the teacher of the nursery school is a figure that is asked of you, is not only a great professional, a great humanity to welcome and care for very young children. We have met and we meet exceptional, and it is for this reason that in these days of confinement we miss them and think of them, eager to reincontrarle.

To celebrate their innate abilities and make you even a smile and a few laughs I recommend that you do not miss Desperado. A western of Ole Könnecke. Yes, because in spite of the cactus, the prancing horse and the handsome cowboy on the cover, I can't imagine a most beautiful book about the love for the teachers! I will explain to you.

Roy is a perfect cowboy, with a hat, a bandana around his neck, and lasso, a cowboy who goes to kindergarten in the saddle of his trusty steed Desperado.

"Mom and dad remain on the farm, have much to do over there"

The asylum, then, is a hoot: "there are kids that play, do you snack with biscuits and juice and then the teacher is very, very nice. It's called Heidi".

And, in fact, the lawn surrounded by the canyon, and stagecoach is just a delightful place, just like the teacher is Heidi. One day, however, Roy is late arriving at the kindergarten, and guess what: is the swing route, and his companions trembling in fear and, above all, NO cookies, NO juice, and NO Heidi!

"Very simple. Blackbeard, the leader of the bamditi, wants to marry Heidi", so he thought to kidnap her along with his henchmen, but Roy isn't the type to be intimidated by so little and jumped in the saddle of a Desperado he immediately puts on his tracks, under the astonished eyes of his companions. Desperado, to whom is dedicated the title of this wonderful album, is a horse of a thousand resources: in the following, the track, climbs up to the mountains from the slope of 99.9%, crouches... and even dig a tunnel underground... in Short, following the traces of biscuits and juice, our heroes arrive at the shack where the bandits held captive, our Heidi and ingenuity will take a plan – that will make you die laughing – and manage to free her, causing the beard to Blackbeard.

"The three friends are back home. The children will be so happy to hug a teacher"

The text has all the ingredients of a great western, but also all of the thoughts and the voice of a child of 3 years (the unconditional love for their teacher, ingenuity, imaginative and braveness cocky) and mixes them together happily with respect and irony. The text is simple and engaging also thanks to the frequent questions that are addressed directly to the reader and to focus on the protagonist.

Great designs lying in the pages of a nice size, spacious and just a few colors, they make me want to color (and colored, without fear!).

On the whole I find it to be a gem on a subject very dear to the children (of the cowboys) declined in a story exciting and fun, but also very familiar and everyday

A spiritual hymn to the love for the teachers that can't wait to be saved by their (love) children!

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