Volt life of the mecha : is Not a store for old – Review

Published on Jul 19, 2017

Volt life of the mecha raffling the domain of the coveted comic book store, with a war of generational taste everything nerd!

The nerd culture is nowadays widespread and considered a cultural phenomenon scale not indifferent, but the nerds of the first generations, those who experienced early passion for comics and film, have had to tolerate a series of jokes and enjoy the fame of losers, finding often retreat into the corners of the serenity that, with time, would become the pillars of nerd culture: comics. And could The Sparker does not take account of this evolution in creating the fourth volume of the Volt That life mecha?

The generational clash is one of the themes of the narrative is more intricate than we are, the risk of slipping in the boredom of the ‘already seen, already read‘ is real enough, yet Stefano Conte once again manages to surprise with a series of situations that, starting from reality, transforming themselves into the comedy, to amuse the reader, painting in extreme scenes that we lived all.

Take the trio of friends of the Volt. Their characterization depends on a few of the typical stereotypes of the world nerd, as a Blade that below the falls recalls the training of Sirius the dragon (and if you don't know what I'm talking about, you are obviously part of the faction the wrong of the fight!). The funny scene between the Volt and his friends is the engine of the first part of this number of Volts That the life of the mecha, thanks to a processing of a dynamic that often comes into play in companies where someone has access to the source of fun; I think everyone should have a friend, a clerk in a comic store or in the shops of video games to not having done the battutina to advance of a gratuity, that you never arrive something...

Blade, Eight and Graystone are exactly that kind of friend, obviously fictional to snatch a smile, with a good-natured cleverness (but not too much!) seek to leverage on friendship to an advantage vis-à-vis the poor Volt. The exchange of jokes in this phase is Not a store for old men is hilarious, with a series of situations that creates a flush of fun, suspense (thanks to a Darth Mother in full form), ready to explode in the second part: the clash of generations!

The reference to the films of the Cohen becomes essential when the ‘otherwise young people’ collide with the annoying representative of the new generations, an abomination from the appearance similar to Cthulu. The inevitable clash with the old guard is marked with a pace exciting, ironic and structured with a series of clashes that, in reality, them unites the two factions, animated by one passion only, but lived with different means.

The moment of maximum load is the clash of mechas she has, the more passion the intergenerational exists, with a classic Mazinger against the more recent EVE (which he also now has its own annex, huh!). We are facing the first step of a fight that you dipanerà on most aspects of the life nerds, all for a coveted trophy: the control of the territory desired, the comic book store. And to be able to take advantage of the poor Volt, of course!

Volt - life mecha manages to show again how Stephen knows how to capture the nuances of our passion (and thankless work), making them even closer to the world of nerds and enriching them with a comedy and never vulgar, but always tied to the narrative context in a clear way.

It is not easy to make a comic balloon. To be able to entertain a reader putting it at the same time in the role of the spectator and the actor in the scene is a hard task, but with the Volt That the life of mecha live this experience in a sublime way, laughing at the characters knowing that ultimately the real protagonists we and our foibles.

The real touch of class is Dr. What, where the much-hated T-Rex becomes our teacher of nerd culture (second Volt), dressed up as the Doctor Who version of Matt Smith.

As explained by Andrea Ciccarelli in the introduction, we are in the presence of a double story, the titanic effort of Stefano's Count, which coincides with our anxiously awaiting September 15, when with Heart and Steel (and way that we ‘older’ we start to sing... ) read the fifth issue of the Volt – That the life of the Mecha.

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