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Published on Apr 25, 2019


Volt 7 – day Rex has opened the new season of Volt, the sympathetic robot designed by Stefano The Sparker Count, that we have already had the pleasure of knowing in the first six numbers last year. After in-depth with the usual irony (albeit still not complete), the great world organization of the M. O. M. S., and after having expanded the knowledge of one of the main antagonists (or, better, one of the main troublemaker in the store!) Volt, Tiberius, is time with the Volt 8 – do Not open that store, that the story takes a turn decidedly...the horror!


After recounting to the grandchildren and, Or and Not, the time had to do with the family of Tiberius, and how she managed to help (unintentionally, of course!) one of his more annoying customers, is time this time for grandpa Volt to tell of the danger they're all regular readers of comics. Incited by the curiosity of the grandchildren, and driven by uncontrollable desire to tell the story of his adventurous past, the old Volt will begin to tell of the time when the output of the new number of Nasuto became our regular customers in very dangerous specimen of semprechiuso zombies, an annoying type of customer (classified by the Nerdonomicon, a special “PokèDex” of the types of customers unbearable, with more than 220 straziapunti) axle the shop well before opening time, becoming a series threat to the physical store itself, and especially for the shopkeeper, viewed as layabouts, but that, by opening the store on time, is only and simply his work (also, because the extraordinary is not him pay for not these individuals in the shape of pears gears!).

The comparison Volt, stormed by a herd of semprechiuso zombie, “upgraded” from the hustle and bustle for the release of the new number of Nasuto? With cunning, courage and tenacity (and, let's face it, even with the help of Blackspot and its arsenal hidden secret in the shop!) Volt will try to manage a situation in a living hell horror in which it had never been before...and in the end will find that, behind this unusual attack, you could hide even a bigger threat.


The style of the Sparker, now, we have learned to know him: a lot of irony, which is never trivial and out of place. With do Not open that store, according to the number of the new season and the eighth overall, the author tries to bring elements of horror/splatter (of course without the mark of the hand and by adapting the whole to the tone in which the comic has made us accustomed to), realizing a good story able to entertain and amuse.

What is surprising, for any number of Volts, it is the narrative coherence and the ability to carry forward an overall plot, despite the path the “stage” and the autonomy that each story keeps you quietly. Supported by saldaPress (which she manages, with a editorial care, loving and full of care, to enhance each and every author in the catalog) The Sparker continues to maintain a good level of quality, and to entertain every two months, with an album that inspires sympathy, even just to take it in hand(for a very good and honest price to cover, which is not poo), an audience of all ages.

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