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Published on Feb 19, 2020


The number 5 and number 6 the end of the second season of the Volt – That the life of the mecha, the series (after the pleasant surprise of the first season), now settled with a lot of authority among the best of its kind, made by Stefano “The Sparker” Conte and published by saldaPress.

In these two final numbers, the Volt will end the contest to which he was writing; once finished, it will be the main plot to take over the scene, developing a surprise ending that characterizes most of the characters are already known and will bring others to the fore.

In each issue, at the end, still the space for the adventures of The lazy man, and the anecdotes more fun from the comics in italy; to the last number, which is the sixth, please be careful to the very latest pages...and say no more!


We had left our robot in the competition for cartoonists, to which he was writing, the Comic Smash Wars, in the company of friends-rivals Shio and Zemelord: picking up from where it left off, the story shows how the Volt deals with the latest tests, including the one with the temebile Deadline.

Needless to say, after the competition, the life of the Volt will not be the same; to influence, however, will always remain the organization of the M. O. M. S., mothers trying to become real men the children, and the opposite group, the Guardians, the last defenders of the dreams cultivated.

With the return of Browno, the boss of a Volt, and the annoying nemesis of our main character, Tiberius the T-Rex, ends (with sixth issue) the second season of the series, in a final where the textures begin to be more clear, but then end with a cliffhanger that makes waiting for the third season.

Among significant evidence to understand the true values behind the world of cartoonists, until the looming threat of the M. O. M. S. and an unexpected fracture within the organization of the Guardians, these two numbers promise an intense and passionate read full of new freebies, from the world of fighting in the eastern up of role-playing games.


Arrived at the end of this second season, beyond the analysis of these last two numbers, we can say with certainty: Stefano “The Sparker” Count, in spite of his alter-ego, the robot, is now a cartoonist in the panorama of our country.

Because if the first season, the debut of the Volt, it was a pleasant surprise, this second season confirms the high level of a new series, a fun, well-designed, with a plot that is both ironic and intriguing, and lots of references to geek culture, able to excite an adult audience, but also by young readers in the grass.

Expanding with a genuine, cheerful, and imaginative positivism the reality in which we live, the world of the Volt is now well established, and does not stand up even more, after this season, a hymn of love to dreams and to the entire world of comics. The Sparker could not begin with a better story: to realize his dream of putting in the passion to make it happen.

Already this, it would be the most sustainable as the price of the individual numbers saldaPress; and then if, in addition, we add a quality which is almost stabilizzatasi at high levels, then the story of a little robot who dreams of becoming a cartoonist can not miss in your library!

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