Vodafone offers: 1000 minutes, 1000 text messages, and 20 GB to 9.99 euros per month with Chat and your Social unlimited

Published on Sep 11, 2018

Vodafone is by always leaving new promotions to try not to chase away customers to other operators. The most recent is the offer rechargeable Vodafone Simple Plus, which can be activated from 11 to 13 September 2018, subject to possible extensions, at a cost of £ 9.99 per month forever.

The Vodafone Simple Plus offers 1000 minutes, 1000 messages, and 10 GB of data traffic in 4G+ on the Vodafone network, the best in Italy. The cost is 9.99 euro per month for always, as already mentioned, but the monthly payment must be made to force on credit card or current account.

In all this there is a but, in fact Vodafone since 11 September, has decided to double the Giga available with the offer, which went from 10 to 20 at no additional cost and always on 4G+. In case of exceeded 20 GB from the offer, the navigation will lock automatically not be charged additional costs.

In addition, the offer also included the option Vodafone Pass the Social&Chat which includes Giga unlimited on social and instant messaging applications most famous. To use the Giga unlimited you will still have to have traffic data that is still available in your offer.

You can activate free of charge, there are no activation costs, this offer directly this link on the website of Vodafone to the new SIM, or by making portability from another operator. You can choose to be called with the option “Will call us”, or otherwise continue the registration directly from the site, as is the case for I. The furniture, for example.

The SIM will arrive directly to your home at no additional cost and you can also follow it and manage the shipment through the tracking services and will be made available.

By visiting this page you can find all of the deals similar to Vodafone's view above.

Below you can find all offers of the main operators on the Italian territory:


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