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Published on Nov 05, 2019


After about a month and a half is stifling the promotion between tv, web and social, has finally aired the first short episode format tv Viva Rai Play: the new show variety of Fiorello, which the Rai will seek to bridge the public teledipendente on the new online platform RaiPlay. This is an ambitious challenge but it is feasible especially if it is used the faces and languages of the righteous.

As already mentioned, for this task, the Rai decided to get off the field in 60enne Rosario Fiorello and a show variety that, in the course of the first episode, has been embellished by a huge list of VIP guests: the preview has seen take the field Raffaella Carrà and Achille Lauro in quality of chauffeur in the North.

In the course of only 15 minutes, in the parterre of VIP is susseguito was really exaggerated: from Calcutta to Georgia, passing by Biagio Antonacci, Marco Mengoni, Amadeus, Luca Barbarossa and Pippo Baudo. Also present Vincenzo Mollica version of the old man of the balcony of the Muppet Show.

It is clear to all that Rai Uno, he decided to give it a huge budget the show to “force” Fiorello not to make a fool is content-related, but also from the point of view of the audience; the success of the show will fly to the project RaiPlay, where the State tv is investing lots of money even to be competitive on the web.

There is also to say that the life vest plays the provides the same range of mass in the wave: very strategic, indeed, “vulpine”, the idea of placing the program of Fiorello in Access Prime Time and, in particular, immediately before the program that each day marks the record for the ratings higher in the course of 24 hours, that is, The Usual suspects – The return; the game of Amadeus has a spectacular media Auditel about 5 million viewers per episode.

If, in spite of the budget exorbitant, the time range prediction, the cast VIP star and the huge media hype, Fiorello will fail in the enterprise to make great plays... we recommend the showman sicilian to leave the small screen to his brother Beppe.

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