Vittorio Sgarbi: surprise, it is him, save Morgan


Published on Jun 27, 2019


Offering him a palace-museum

Marco Morgan Castoldi is not facing an easy time. It is aimed in the past few days the eviction decided by the Court of Milan from his home in Monza, and the singer, multi-instrumentalist and now a television personality, all-round expressed with bitter words, his anger and his disappointment vis-à-vis colleagues and friends for not helping them.

Where they will live, then, Morgan? Surprise, it seems that another tv character, angry and controversial, with a mane of white hair, just like him, both during his rescue. We are talking about a great band by Vittorio Sgarbi.

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The critical history of art, taking advantage of his administrative role, from last year is in fact the mayor of Sutri, in the province of Viterbo, has offered the singer and in some way connects to, or at least with outbursts on the small screen, the palace of the town. It would be the Palazzo Savorelli, a museum. To the musician it would be up to the second floor.

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An alliance that we did not expect. Morgan, who has professed on several occasions, desperate and on the point of go live for the road, will accept the offer? Sgarbi will advance some claim on the residence of Monza? How will the clash between these two strong and unique personality? We'll see.

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