Vittorio Sgarbi: rose red (and excuses) for the D'urso: “A misunderstanding,”


Published on Mar 02, 2020


To Live-is Not the d'urso back Vittorio Sgarbi after the heated argument with the presenter Barbara d'urso, it occurred during the episode of the 23rd of February. The two began to discuss as a result of certain statements by Sgarbi on a competitor of the reality show “La Pupa e il Secchione, and vice Versa”. The columnist, in fact, turning to the pupa Star Manente, said: “are you a registered letter to Berlusconi”, a phrase that has sent on a rampage the D'urso and after having invited Sgarbi to retract, man has extended the accusation of recommendation to the mistress of the house.

The art critic is back in the studio, this time with a bouquet of roses, to apologize to the presenter. “It was a big misunderstanding, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I troubled you”, these are the words with which they Sgarbi. Then the irony of “We were not the only topic to tell a different thing compared to the tragedy. The only argument in addition to the Coronavirus was me and you”.

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As regards the allegation concerning the recommendation to the columnist is vindication: “The rose might create a misunderstanding because they are red. I had thought to make a discussion between you and me on the concept of recommendation. It is also noble and just. The recommendation is not related to the strength of a negative event. For me it is all a misunderstanding,”

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Barbara dUrso accepts the roses and the apology of Vittorio Sgarbi, but the specific “I Accept the rose. I understand your interesting description of the word recommended. For me the word recommended has a specific meaning, means to do so... I have lived the whole life battling this word, striving for meritocracy. To me, this word hurts, you have reacted in a very violent against a woman. A cultured man should always be very gentle.” They did finally peace?

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