Vittorio Sgarbi is home to Morgan and launches an appeal to the Government


Published on Jun 27, 2019


The eviction of Morgan talking about it on every national average: from tv ( yesterday Morgan was a guest to door to Door on Rai 1 in the evening), on the radio, in the newspapers and on all news sites. Now comes the unexpected news. Vittorio Sgarbi has decided to propose to Morgan with a solution: he offered him a home, precisely, a historic building that could house his music studio. Not only that, as reported in the official press release issued a few minutes ago, Sgarbi has also launched an appeal to the Government.

“We will be hosting at Sutri, Palazzo Savorelli, his studio”
The appeal to the Government: “Restrain the home of Monza: it's a museum”

ROME – Vittorio Sgarbi, is home to Morgan. The historian and art critic, has put at the disposal of the musician on the second floor of the Palazzo Savorelli at Sutri, the town of the Tuscia-that Sgarbi is the mayor from the last year.
The Palace, which has a centuries-old history, is situated in a large park and is currently hosting the cultural initiatives promoted by Sgarbi.

“I have given the necessary directives to my office – says Sgarbi – because, at least until the expiration of my term of office (4 years) Palazzo Savorelli can accommodate the study of Morgan. Here you will be able to move in the coming days. Art and creativity are to be supported in a concrete way. Here, Morgan will be able to teach his teaching to the young people sensitive to the music”.

At the same time Sgarbi asks the Government to place a bond on the house of the Monza went on the auction block, and from what Morgan has been evicted a few days ago: “The Morgan is a museum house. There is everything from his musical instruments to the coils with the recordings of the mean and hours of concerts and music sessions with other artists. And then books, memorabilia of the history of Italian and international music artists such as Lennon or Byrne, clothes, records, Cds, movies, and thousands of books.
I'll ask my fellow parliamentarians to sign a motion that commits the Government to act, quickly, in this direction” .

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