Vittorio Sgarbi is an about-turn: “I apologize to the D'urso”


Published on Feb 26, 2020


After the heated confrontation that occurred during the episode of “Live – Not the D'urso”, aired Sunday, February 23, Vittorio Sgarbi, through the pages of “Il Giornale”, send a public apology to Barbara D'urso, giving reasons for the statements in which he defined the pupa Star Manente and the same presenter as “recommended by Silvio Berlusconi”.

Sgarbi said he was invited to “the Beauty and the Geek, and vice versa”, but that his intervention would have been cut in the name of the par condicio law, as concomitant with the regional elections. He then explained that the term “recommendation” was not used with a negative connotation, but to express an appreciation that Berlusconi had expressed to the Permanent and D'urso during their private conversation.

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These are the words of Sgarbi: “I can excuse to have underestimated the negative interpretation, but not the logic, of the word ‘recommendation’. Some newspapers equivocano me to say, turned to D'urso: ‘Berlusconi he recommended you.’ An obvious inaccuracy. What sense would that Berlusconi I raccomandasse the D'urso? For what? Berlusconi I have always talked about
well D'urso on the human level and on the capacity to work, and I have just shared. I was recommended to appreciate the merit. I tried to explain that the ‘recommendation’ was a praise and not a request, but it was impossible.”

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The indiscretion according to which Sgarbi would be banned from all broadcasts Mediaset still has not found official confirmation. The art critic will surely be present during the episode of “Live – Not the D'urso” airing Sunday, march 1, in which probably will be a confrontation with the presenter. Meanwhile, Stella Manente said that she was very upset by the statements of Sgarbi, despite the intentions of the latter were not offensive.

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